STX Windpower: STX Windpower introduces its new wind turbine prototype

Successful commissioning of the STX 93 2MW prototype in the green surroundings of LelystadSuccessful commissioning of the STX 93 2MW prototype in the green surroundings of Lelystad
Lelystad, The Netherlands, 02 August 2011. STX Windpower B.V. successfully finalized the commissioning of its new wind turbine, the STX 93 2MW. This prototype has the widest rotor in diameter (93.3m) and it has the longest blades (45.3m) that the company has produced up to now. The wind turbine produced its first power Friday 24 June and it has already produced: 73.912 kW/h and going strong.

The advantage of the STX 93 design is its direct drive generator which is fully integrated in the structural design. This reduces the number of moving parts unlike a conventional turbine with a gearbox and it will also reduce the maintenance requirements. Another advantage is the high efficiency due to the use of permanent magnets, which allows for minimal rotor losses and uses an ambient cooling system. The patented design is also the lightest in its class because of the single main bearing.

The wind turbine is located in Lelystad in The Netherlands (Europe’s biggest test site for wind turbines), near STX Windpower’s main research and development office. This enables STX Windpower to monitor the turbines productivity and performance closely during the certification period, which is scheduled to be finalised in December 2011.

With the certification of the STX 93 2MW wind turbine prototype, STX Windpower will be one step closer towards its goal; Entering the top of worlds largest wind turbine manufacturers. This is according to the vision of STX Windpower and should be realized within the next 5 years.

STX Windpower plans to leverage the vast and wide network of affiliate companies that are part of the STX Group to make this aggressive market penetration. Discussions have already started with STX Europe to capitalize on the expertise and knowhow for both the installation and the service and maintenance of the STX wind turbine product line for the European market.

STX Windpower equally plans to make use of the wide knowledge and expertise that is contained within the mother company (STX Heavy Industries) for the East Asian market, thus making full use of the STX Groups capabilities and creating synergy. By doing so, STX Windpower believes that it will propel it to the global top turbine manufacture within the next coming years.
STX Windpower B.V.

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