Windfair-Interview with Daniel Geißbauer, Technical Sales and Distribution, Eibl DHT GmbH

Windfair Interview with Daniel Geißbauer, Technical Sales and Distribution, Eibl DHT GmbH

Windfair: Is the Wind Energy Industry a priority for your company? How so?

Daniel Geißbauer: Eibl-DHT sets a main focus on alternative energy in our company’s strategy. The wind energy industry has a leading role in this business field, because there are a lot of possible applications for our core competence: the design and production of permanent magnet machines

Windfair: How many employees does your company have? How many dedicated to Wind Energy?

Daniel Geißbauer: At present eight employees are working in Eibl-DHT, certainly such a slim structure would not be possible without our partner in the supply chain. Five employees are directly dedicated to projects in the field of wind energy industry, most relevant are hereby project managing, development and construction of drive systems and generators for this business unit.

Windfair: Do you have any new or upcoming Wind Energy Products or Services?

Daniel Geißbauer: We can offer a complete product range of permanent magnet machines. Based on this framework we can solve customer specific applications like pitchmotors for large-scale windplants or generators for small to medium size plants, in a short time. We have extended our product range by our 400-series machines, which reach torque up to 3400 Nm and performance up to 760 kW.

Windfair: Do you have any special training programs for your employees?

Daniel Geißbauer: An education center for production-technicians in the field of electrical machines is currently in start-up phase.

Windfair: Tell us about your future developments. What can we expect in the next year or two?

Daniel Geißbauer: With a number of 10.000 pitchmotors per year, we hold a share of about 15% of all pitchmotors delivered worldwide in 2010, which makes us market leader in this product segment. We will broaden our market approach and increase the range of our application spectrum. To stay abreast of changes we will continue the development of our machines, to position ourselves as competent partner, for development projects of wind plant manufacturers worldwide. With our big size permanent magnet machines we give wings to the trend of bigger wind plants above 3MW.
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