Intellifast GmbH: New electronic torque wrench with integrated ultrasonic measurement of the clamp load

Speyer, 05.05.2011. Intellifast has improved the micro processed controlled wrench E.Torc II. In addition to the classical measurement parameters torque and rotation angle one can also measure the clamp load in bolted joint connections. The ultrasonic measurement device attached to the wrench reads, stores and documents all joint parameters and measured information in a data table. The bolts are equipped with a permanent mounted transducer and for special applications glued-on transducers are used.

For many years the aerospace industry has used ultrasonic measurements in mass production of engine components. A large number of customers use this tool to verify the tightening specifications of the original components. The advantage is that no additional clamp load measurement device is necessary.

The following improvements have been made:

- the data cable for communication with the micro processor has been integrated into the measurement cable – there is only one cable at the end of the wrench

- the graphic display of the torque wrench shows tightening parameters and clamp load measurements

- side-mounted ergonomic operating button

- process time reduction of approx. 20 %

- rugged steel tube instead of carbon pipe

- overload indicator

Deliveries of the first pre-ordered wrenches took place in February 2011.

The torque wrenches are available in the following sizes:

- 10 – 150 Nm
- 30 – 300 Nm
- 100 – 800 Nm

For further product information don’t hesitate to contact us under the telephone number +49 (0) 6232 91950 or visit our website www.intellifast.de. Under the category products E-Torc II you will find all necessary information.
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