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PCS Green Line Makes Strong Showing at Brussels Trade Fair

Berlin, in March 2011 - Visitors to the 2011 EWEA Fair will have a chance to see the expanded centrepiece of the new generation of PCS Green Line power converters: In addition to the extremely compact IGBT power module inside the power cabinet, PCS Power Converter Solutions GmbH from Berlin presents an incoming feeder cabinet with a smart DCU control unit for the first time. Where? At PCS Power Converter Solutions GmbH – at the EWEA trade fair in Brussels, in Hall 7, Booth 7553, March 14 through 17, 2011

Word of the reliability modularity and easy expandability of PCS Green Line power converters has already gotten around in the wind power industry. With its incoming feeder cabinet – a 2011 premiere – the Berlin-based company now presents the functionally separated setup of its power converters directly at the fairgrounds. The design in compact modules provides not only a convenient way to expand the performance class, but also a flexible way to mount the modules inside tower and nacelle. The integrated DCU control unit provides the chance to actually experience the intelligence of the power converters – trade fair visitors can review the comprehensive control functions and closed-loop engineering of the next-generation PCS Green Line power converters directly on location.

Grid Compatibility Based on Knowhow

PCS Green Line power converters easily satisfy the guidelines for grid feed-in and grid compatibility (the so-called grid codes). By providing reactive power for the grid and through grid-supporting measures, the wind turbine will remain grid-connected even in case of a voltage drop.. PCS provides optimal grid support:

• Active harmonic compensation ensures the best possible supply quality.
• Requested reactive current is provided in less than 10 ms.
• Integrated flicker compensation prevents negative feedback into the grid.
• Protection of the serviceability during power system faults through chopper resistor.
• Adjustable cos φ controls the reactive power management for the entire system.
• Asymmetrical and symmetrical supply voltage dips are simulated and tested in-house by PCS:
The standard grid fault tolerance standards (LVRT/ ZVRT) are easily satisfied.

The extraordinarily high reliability of all PCS products is based on the company’s unique experience. PCS power converters travel the world’s railways by the tens of thousands. Usually mounted externally, they are exposed the strong vibrations, harshest climatic conditions, and regular voltage drops. Few other companies have been in a similar position to gather specific knowhow in the handling of voltage dips over years.

3-Phase Power Module

PCS Green Line power converters are IGBT-based four-quadrant power converters with an integrated 3-phase power module which includes both the line-side and the generator-side power converter. Both are connected via a variable-voltage link. The output of the power modules equals 500 kW (620 kVA). The inductor-type parallel circuits make the power converters of the Green Line family effortlessly scalable in 500 kW increments.

Full Converters Up and Coming

Synchronous generators, especially gearless ones, have a higher efficiency and thus a higher energy yield. On the wind power market, they appear to be the wave of the future. PCS provides full converters specifically for synchronous generators that are optimally suited to satisfy the grid requirements. In the case of gearless generators, a power converter must meet the highest requirements because of the lower electric frequency and the associated higher temperature differences within the power semiconductor – not a problem for PCS Green Line. The compact design of the power modules with a comparatively low number of components makes maintenance considerably more convenient. Three phases per air-to-water heat exchanger reduces the leakage inductance in the voltage link. The robust film capacitors on the intermediate circuit have a long service life. By the way, you may also operate permanent-field synchronous generators in the area of field suppression.

Green Line Systems Partnership

PCS Green Line Systems offers preconfigured assemblies of power converters, generators and transformers. Our partnership with Partzsch Elektromotoren as supplier of generators has just elevated PCS to a new quality level as system provider. All components of a Green Line system are lab-tested and perfectly aligned with each other.

Both system partners have a demonstrable track record of their competences – in design, in engineering, in production, and in the products themselves. This translates into an extremely efficient system of proven state-of-the-art products, adjusted to meet the requirements of the wind power industry. The pooled expertise of these two players generates synergy and ultimately helps to shorten the testing periods. Since a Green Line Systems solution is configured and delivered as a kit, it only needs to be wired and briefly tested at the operating site. Naturally, a system project includes an all-in service. Whether remote or on location: The PCS service team will handle any problem quickly, competently and without fuss.

A Dynamic Team with a Wealth of Experience

PCS is a dynamic, independent company with vast experience, about 220 expert staff, and a turnover of 50 million Euros. More than 70,000 times, PCS power converters made in Berlin have braved the tough service conditions of rail deployment (PCS Rail) and highly dynamic industrial requirements (PCS Blue Line). Since 2005, PCS also brings a fresh breeze into power generation from wind energy. With more than 1400 units deployed, PCS Green Line power converters achieve peak performance for wind turbines – featuring user-friendly design, excellent control technology, life and simulated test runs, comprehensive project management, and all-round service.

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