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The UmweltBank PLC is a direct bank based on environmental finances and was founded in 1997. It is an independent institute and is established by about 7,500 private shareholders. At the end of 2008 the UmweltBank showed a balance sum of about 1.157,6 Million Euro. It offers ethical-ecological investments at current interest rates and is already taking care of about 70,000 clients.

Day-to-day-money, the so-called UmweltPluskonto, deposit accounts, growing savings and saving certificates or agreements are only some of the UmweltBank products. In addition, the bank obtains ecological shares and funds, direct investments in, for example, wind power or real estate funds and also insurances.

The UmweltBank promises an "ecological product guarantee" which means, that the clients´ money will only be invested in environmentally sound projects at reasonable terms. Credits are mainly provided in the field of renewable energies as well as ecological building. Private clients receive an interest rates reduction for ecological aspects in their house building. Investments that are harmful to the environment and the social life, for example expenditures on nuclear power, arming industry or genetic science, are excluded from the banks support.

Since 25th of June in 2001 the UmweltBank PLC is noted on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (bond number 557 080). At the time of the stock listing the bank expanded their rooms and moved to an ecologically done up arts nouveau building. This house, which is near to the existing offices, was erected in 1911 and is now under protection of works of arts. A documentation on the restoration steps with the building in Emilienstraße 3 was published in June 2003.

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