Specialist bolt tensioner manufacturer Boltight Ltd has redesigned its range of hydraulic bolt tensioners for the wind turbine industry. The new enhanced Typhoon II incorporates a number of features aimed at making the tool even easier to use for blade bolting, bearing to hub bolting, tower bolting, foundation bolting, outer frame bolting and hub to spindle bolting.

Building on the strengths of the original Typhoon bolt tensioner, Boltight has improved the internal retraction system and rotational interfaces making the Typhoon II easier to install and remove. Other
internal design changes have been introduced to increase the life of the tool and provide greater protection against misuse.

New features on the Typhoon II include an internal puller bar hole to allow for easy observation of bolt elongation and stud protrusion. If required, application specific indicator gauges showing 'Good' and 'Bad' stud protrusion can be inserted into the hole. An additional viewing hole has also been incorporated into the easy fit bridge section of the tool so that an operator can check for the engagement of the socket prior to operating the tensioner. All the tools in the new Typhoon II range can be specified with a cycle counter.

The new Typhoon II can be supplied to any size as either a single stage tool for use when tool height is restricted or as a multi stage tool for use when radial width is restricted. A multi stage tool uses several hydraulic cells to generate extra load in a small diameter. Multistage tensioners sized M36 and above can be supplied with a zero- cost option of a carrying handle. In addition all multistage tools now feature a side-mounted swivel connection as standard that supports a range of male/female quick connect configurations.

A special feature on all Boltight tools is the composite materials used to produce the hydraulic piston seals. These offer easy piston return, exceptional reliability and long-life performance compared to other seal materials. Even after prolonged use the seals remain firm, do not get dislodged and are low maintenance.

The Typhoon II is CE marked and is supplied with a comprehensive 100- page health and safety, operating and maintenance manual. The product meets the 10.9 proof load requirement ASTM A490M and EN ISO 898-1:1999.
Boltight Ltd
Chris Howell

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