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Over the past five years, Hydratight has experienced very positive growth coming both organically and through acquisition. As a result of these acquisitions however, there has been a build up of legacy business systems and subsequent part numbering methodologies within Hydratight. To further develop our business so that we can offer our customers the greatest value and best service possible, we are now in a position where we need to unify the legacy systems into one common business system. By doing so, it will enable more responsive, agile management of our business which will translate into added value for you our customer. Hydratight has initiated a multi-million dollar project named Unity which is addressing this issue. It is a project which we have committed a dedicated team from across the global organization to ensure successful implementation. Hydratight has spent almost 12 months analysing and preparing for this transition and Project Unity has now kicked off.

Oracle has been chosen as the ERP solution for Hydratight. As we adopt Oracle, there are immediate actions underway to harmonize many aspects of the reporting; the most impacting externally will be a structured common part numbering system. What it means for our customers, business partners and vendors will be a transition from our multiple old numbering systems to a single new global nomenclature. Our goal is to make this as seamless as possible with as little interruption or conflict for you.

Over the next year, the strategy for this numbering transfer will involve reference to two numbers, the old and the new. The new part number will be referenced first followed by the old part number in brackets. We will continue this cross reference over the next 12 months to ensure adequate time is given to aid transition on your end.
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