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Introduction to Wind Energy Utilisation - Haus der Technik Wind Energy Seminars

Wind energy is developing itself to one of the world’s largest source of renewable energy. The Wind energy industry is a growing industry worldwide in which different technical and non-technical branches collaborate directly with each other.

The Seminar taking place on the 03th February 2010 at the Haus der Technik in Berlin, will be moderated by Dipl.-Geogr. Nancy Dahlke, Key Wind Energy GmbH.

The basics of wind energy utilisation, i.e. the physical transformation of wind into energy, will be explained in stages. How are the wind conditions evaluated at site? What has to be considered in planning a wind farm? Which technology is in use currently? What are the technical and safety requirements for feeding electricity into the grid? What has to be done to ensure the long-term and efficient operation of the wind farm? What are the trends and expected future developments in the wind energy market?

The participants addressed are Engineers, technicians, personnel from planning authorities/departments, manufacturers, component suppliers and banks.

The course participant will gain an overview of the current developments in the industry including of the technical and economic factors and their interactions. Practical case studies will enhance the knowledge and understanding of the participants as well as help them to improve their work in the wind energy industry.

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