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The ground-breaking Ceremony of the Western Base of the CNBM-Jiuquan Rotor Blade Project

Zhongfu Lianzhong (Jiuquan) Composites Co. Ltd. held the ground-breaking ceremony of the Jiuquan Blade Project in the Jiuquan Manufacturing Industrial Park of Wind Power and Photo-electricity Equipment.

As the largest civil composites manufacturer in China, China Composites Group Co., Ltd (CCGC) works towards the core idea of the China National Building Material Group Corporation (CNBM): to apply resources wisely and to serve for the construction industry. It is a high-tech and rapidly growing manufacturer. As the leader for new energy and material, CCGC is the main manufacturer of megawatt wind turbine blades and carbon fibre. Its market occupancies, production scale and development ability of FRP pipes and tanks, as well as its production of high pressure vessels, fabric, thin felt, a new type of flooring material and shipbuilding take leading positions in China. In March 2006, the subsidiary of CCGC, Lianyungang Zhongfu Lianzhong Composites Group Co., Ltd. (LZFRP) – the sole shareholder of SINOI-, manufactured the first 1.5 MW blade in China. In 2007 LZFRP successfully delivered more than 1000 blades. It now possesses advanced production technology for 1.25 MW, 1.5 MW, 2.0 MW and 2.5 MW wind turbine blades, and has become the largest megawatt blade manufacturer in China with many top customers including; SINOVEL, GOLDWIND, DEC, SEC and XEMC. In 2008, the annual capacity of Zhongfu Lianzhong will reach 1.000 sets of wind turbine blades, and in 2010 it will reach 10.000 high-power wind turbine blades.

In 2008, under the support of Song Zhiping, the President of the CNBM, CCGC produced and brought into effect the “Ten-Thousand Blade” strategy. This strategy puts Lianyungang at the geographical centre of blade manufacture and development, SINOI as the overseas manufacturing centre and Northeast and Northwest of China as the centre for planning and layout. According to the blade class, the strategy puts 1.5 MW blades as core products with the development of multi-type and multi-item wind turbine blades on land and offshore, including 1.25MW, 2.0MW, 2.5MW and 3MW blades. Jiuquan will become the largest wind power industrial park in the world. The planned investment for the Zhongfu Lianzhong Blade Project in Jiuquan is 400,000,000 RMB with the area of 211 million units. After construction, the annual output will be 500 sets of 1.5MW blades and will create jobs for more than 700 employees. During the public bidding of the industrial park, Zhongfu Lianzhong had secured 70% of the market orders, showing that CCGC has successfully moved into the Western Three Gorges on land and has occupied excellent western wind power recourses.

Jiuquan is an important area for the Gansu province to improve wind power equipment and the industry. The participation of Zhongfu Lianzhong in the Jiuquan wind power industry development has given a tremendous boost to the local economic development and on the Jiuquan wind power equipment manufacturing industry.
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