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Sirius Aviation and BMW Unveil the SiriusJet: World's First Hydrogen-Powered Private Jet

A Quantum Leap in Sustainable Air Travel: The SiriusJet Revolutionizes Private Aviation with Hydrogen Power and Zero Emissions

Image: © SiriusJetImage: © SiriusJet

Sirius Aviation and BMW Group Designworks are set to unveil the SiriusJet, the world's first hydrogen-powered, zero-emissions private business jet, marking a significant advancement in sustainable air travel.

VTOL Innovation
The SiriusJet features vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) technology combined with horizontal flight, enabling it to take off and land like a helicopter while flying as efficiently as an airplane. This innovation allows for direct, point-to-point flights and the flexibility to land at various locations, revolutionizing private commercial air travel.

Eco-Friendly Travel
The hydrogen-powered SiriusJet eliminates carbon emissions, addressing "flight shaming" concerns and promoting responsible, eco-friendly air travel. It symbolizes the future of sustainable luxury aviation, offering bespoke customization and unparalleled comfort.

Event Details
The SiriusJet will be officially unveiled at the MOVE Expo in London on June 20, 2024, by Sirius Aviation AG's CEO Alexey Popov and BMW Group Designworks. The aircraft boasts a hydrogen-electric power train, achieving a cruise altitude of 30,000 feet at 280 knots with minimal noise. Available in two configurations, the luxury business version seats four with a range of 998 nm, and the Millennium version seats five with a range of 564 nm. Customization options include unique interiors and amenities.

About Sirius Aviation AG
Sirius Aviation AG is a leader in innovative aviation solutions, emphasizing sustainability and luxury. For more details, visit www.siriusjet.com.


Karen Hayhurst, Media Liaison / SiriusJet
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