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Siemens Energy plans to produce a 21 MW Turbine

The offshore turbine will have 40% more power than the latest turbine with 115 meter rotor blades and is projected to enter the market until 2030

Image: Pixabay -  Installation ship for offshore turbinesImage: Pixabay - Installation ship for offshore turbines

Siemens Energy plans to produce a wind turbine with a capacity of about 21 megawatts (MW) by the end of the decade, which is about 40 percent more powerful than the company’s current largest turbine. The new turbine aims to surpass the largest models from Chinese competitors, according to the financial news agency "Bloomberg". Siemens Gamesa intends to maintain its lead in the offshore market, although this could reignite the competition for more powerful turbines, which had recently stalled due to financial difficulties.

Siemens Energy's wind power division is struggling with supply chain issues, rising costs, and quality problems, particularly in the onshore sector. Nevertheless, the company remains the largest supplier of offshore turbines outside of China. Last year, the European Union granted Siemens Gamesa 30 million euros to test a "world's most powerful wind turbine prototype" in Denmark. Siemens Energy CEO Christian Bruch also announced a new wind strategy, with Siemens Gamesa focusing on the onshore markets in Germany and the USA.

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