Harsh Environment Transducer passes toughest salt spray test

Permanent-HighTemperature-Transducerr for Off-Shore-Application

Speyer. The Intelifast permanent Transducer for high temperature (above 300°C) clamp load control in bolted joints survived 1,440 hours of a continuous salt spray test. According to the testing organisation, TÜV SÜD, all electrical test parameters and echo-signals quality.

With this result Intellifast GmbH is prepared for upcoming applications in the offshore wind area. The results are immensely important as the wind energy moves the largest plants and thus also the largest bolts into the coast. The handling of such large bolts and heir accurate tightening on offshore assemblies are difficult. Another aspect for the WEA manufacturers is that the application of the precise bolt load on a joint allows for the usage of smaller or fewer bolts in the flanged connections. The bolt load uncertainty from common assembly methods requires higher safety factors to resist the dynamic (fatigue) loads, accurate post assembly load checks allow for full utilisation of the bolts strength to safely resist operational loads.

The ability to inspect the bolt load at any time using the Intellifast proven harsh environment transducer is a tremendous benefit in the maintenance of bolted joint connections. The scope of the benefits to – “measure instead of retightening” – in offshore applications is greater than that of onshore applications, and they are already quite significant. Intellifast offers portable battery driven measurement equipment (used to control heavy tools) also offers online monitoring equipment for remote real time monitoring.

In addition, Intellifast has improved the coating process of the standard transducer considerably increasing it’s robustness. After a 720 hours test at TÜV SÜD the standard transducer did not show any loss of functionality.
Intellifast GmbH
Elisabetha Newcomb

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