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Company and product introduction

More and more wind turbines are growing higher and higher. The higher the rotors of these modern windmills are, the better is the chance that they get a steady flow of air. The demand for the safety of employees working in the tower also gets higher. Experience shows that technicians can perform better quality if they are transported in a lift as opposed to than they have to climb 60-100m up the wine turbine by using a ladder. Solutions to problems of this kind, such as transport service personnel, tools and other equipment to such heights are daily business of 3S Lift. 3S Lift is dedicated to manufacture Safe, Simple, and Specialized service lift for wind turbines.

Working principle
Profiting from the wire rope driving principle, we offer 3S Lift. They just run up and down the wire rope which is anchored on the top of the tower. 3S Lift, powered by electric motor for fast and safe transportation of man and/or materials for mounting, inspection and repairs in tubular and braced towers.
It is easy to operate. You just need to press the control buttons to finish the ascent and descent.

Types of 3S Lifts - 3S Lift can be ladder or by wore ropes.
The ladder-guided 3S Lift transports man and equipment to elevated workplaces in wind energy installations and maintenance. It uses the ladder inside of the tower as the guide rail, which could play the role of guiding as well as underprop. The ladder guidance can provide a far better stability and simple mounting, particularly its low vibration and still riding by vulcanized rollers and its direct access to the ascending ladder through a second door.

The rope-guided 3S Lift is a flexible solution for transportation of service personnel, tools and other materials. There are two guide wires on either side of the service lift preventing the lift from swinging.

Suspension System
At the top of the tower there is a suspension beam, which carries the working rope and the safety rope. There are additional two guide wires for rope guidance.

The wires are mounted in the basement of the tower and tightened with rigging screws. The wire length corresponds to the tower. There are no changes of safety to the structure of the tower and it is easy to install.

3S Lift incorporates multi-safety designs. An independent safety rope is equipped besides the working rope, and the Safe Lock is connected to the lift by pulling on the safety rope. When working rope ruptures or hoist fails, the Safe Lock will be activated at the same time and capture the whole lift on the safety rope within 10cm distance of free fall. After the operation stops, passengers could exit through the second door and take the time to leave by means of the ladder.

There are two up-sensors on the lift which prevent top hitting and two contour-sensors (with two switches built in) at the bottom which prevent any resistance with no-dead spot from all sides during descending.

The wire ropes used for 3S Lift are loaded with 16 times of their rated load, which can make the lift operates safely and normally.
According to CE (Europe) and AL & MA (China) standards, 3S Lift uses double-security design to offer double safety guarantee.

Unique Patent Design: Second-Door at the backside
3S Lift takes the ladder inside the tower as its guidance. It is 400mm between the lift¡¯s backside and the ladder. The ladder could also be used as a subsidiary safety facility. When confronted with emergencies, one could easily open the Second-Door inside the lift and directly step onto the ladder for escape.

Intelligent thinking, humanized designing¡¬¡¬3S Lift are ensured to be the highest safety design through unlimited innovations. The design patent has already been granted.

Digital Control
3S Lift is digital control. And it is operated directly from the digital control panel with main switch, emergency stop, control buttons and indicator lamps for operation, faults and overload. 3S Lift has contactor control, dead-man circuit, monitoring switch for end of travel and emergency end position and sliding doors contact switch, etc.

Driving Without a Driver
3S Lift is a kind of turbine service lift for transportation of man and/or materials and allows automotive travel for material transport between the end positions. Upward and downward travel is controlled from within the service lift in hand mode or from the outside in the automatic mode. For material transport or in order to collect a person, 3S Lift can be sent to the top or bottom of the tower by just push of a button.

All kinds of emergencies can be managed inside the lift, safe and convenient, which is another feature of 3S Lift:

1. The driving devices and the Safe Lock are all installed at the top, which makes the widest space inside the lift. In this way, operators and their tools or other materials will not touch any dangerous parts.
2. When confronted with power failure or other emergencies, one could easily open the door in the ceiling and operate the hoist for manual descent or examine the Safe Lock.
3. The Second-Door could be opened inside the lift, one could climb down or up along the ladders inside the tower for easy and safe exit.
4. The cabin of 3S Lift is made of salt & water-proof stainless steel, which guarantees the long lift of 3S Lift.
3S Lift
Edited by Trevor Sievert, Online Editorial Journalist
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