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Company Presentation

Energy Autonomy – Der Film GmbH is a subcompany of fechnerMEDIA GmbH and was founded for the international Dokumentarryproduktion „Energy Autonomy – The Code of Survival“.

fechnerMEDIA: Production is producing primetime documentaries, feature documentaries and image movies for companies at an international level since 1998. When it comes to giving answers, showing perspectives and providing encouragement using media tools fechnerMEDIA is an outstanding partner. The ten man strong team, existing of directors, producers, digital media designers and experts in sustainability, create fascinating images to make complex historical, social and scientific topics both suspenseful like thrillers and easier to understand. fecherMEDIA provides arguments for sweeping social change, communicate methods for competent negotiation and use progressive images to show people their personal and social future in a context of sustainable development. The Crew creates story-driven documentaries based on real facts, verified by investigative journalistic research and told in a dramatic build-up.

All fechnerMedia documentaries meet the highest technical requirements. Working with various renowned directors, cameramen and editors fechnerMEDIA guarantees creative film- and editing work.

Numerous international film prizes and social awards at an international level have supported the attitude of the team of fechnerMEDIA.

fechnerMEDIA: Publishing distributes the self-produced media, and also excellent productions by other companies, on diverse social, ecological and historical subjects, many of which are treated in subject-specific media packages. This information is sent out to multipliers such as educational institutions, interested companies and also private clients. The brochure enclosed provides in depth information about the entire range of services offered by our publishing company.

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