Bulgaria - Mobile Phone Chargers : Now With the Help of Wind

Orange wind charger prototype uses stored kinetic energy to fully charge a mobile phone in up to two hours

Mobile phone chargers are inseparable entity of any mobile phone. There is no mobile phone in the world which is free of its chargers. With the advent of new sophisticated mobile phone in the market, users of the phone are paying much importance to its chargers.

So, people would have witnessed in every public space there kept a place for mobile chargers. But, there comes a good news, the problem of keeping mobile phone fully charged when miles away from a conventional electricity source is being tackled by UK wind turbine specialists.

The Orange wind charger prototype uses stored kinetic energy to fully charge a mobile phone in up to two hours. Coming in only 150 grams, the wind generator gives answers to many solar powered phone chargers (which have limited functionality at night and in colder climates) and wind-up units.

The wind charger is attached to a rechargeable battery. Mobile phones can then be plugged into a control box on the unit for charging. An additional feature of this clever portable generator is that it can be mounted anywhere in any place.

Well, the lightweight wind generator is still in it’s prototype stage, which specializes in making electricity generating wind turbines, was approached by global communications corporation Orange. After seeing the functionality of the work, Orange decided to commission a prototype wind charger to unveil at the recent Glastonbury Music Festival, of which they were a major sponsor. The prototype was completed in just four weeks and there are plans to mass produce these portable wind generators for release into the market in the near future. The cost of the units is not yet known.

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