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Company Presentatuon

Complete range supplier of especially producers of epoxy composites for a wide prospect (WKA-, yacht-, aeronautics, common sandwich- / FRP production).

Time Out Composite is general distributor for the German speaking countries and The Netherlands for SICOMIN, a producer of highqualitye epoxy-specialties with full range. Around that resin range Time Out groups all neccessary materials for production or equipment for production, starting from basic products up until finishing or polishing equipment ...

The "Basics"

* Epoxys for mould production with up to 48 hours potlife (no "scull-labelling"!)
* epoxy-("bolt-")gluesystem with extremely high tension strength
* 2-component casting epoxy-foams
* epoxy-handlaminate resins with potlife up to 16 hours
* very easily to sand epoxyfillers
* hard-flexible glue epoxys for various surfaces (steel, aluminium, but also for FRP and woods)
* flexible (rubber-like) epoxy systems
* filling powders from light to heavy - conductive and non conductive (glass-microballoons, alu-granules, copper pwders, thixothroping powders)

We can supply all typs (E-or S- glass-, aramide or carbon, wovens and stitched non-wovens) in any amounts. Palette-wise or bigger amounts directly from production (Asia-imports are possible), small amounts (from 1 meter) are mostly supplyable directly from our stock.

Our "Tops"

* Rough or fine putty systems (with adapatable viscosity)
* epoxy fillers which can be applied by roller, brush, spray gun and spatula
* underground fillers and primers for composits, FRP, steel and aluminium
* paints (a.o. also AIRBUS-qualified and flame retardant systems)
* PTFE-(Teflon) filled paints
* conductive and non conductive paints
* antiscid paints or - fillers
* highly abrasion resistant paint systems for wings tips

Technical support at project development and mould production, additionaly laminating courses.

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