Research focuses on placement of wind turbines

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The very act of installing turbines affects our ability to harness the wind’s power, researches of the Carnegie Institution for Science found out.

Official Press Release Carnegie Science:

How to build a better wind farm

Location, location, location - when it comes to the placement of wind turbines, the old real estate adage applies, according to new research published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by Carnegie’s Enrico Antonini and Ken Caldeira.

Turbines convert the wind’s kinetic energy into electrical energy as they turn. However, the very act of installing turbines affects our ability to harness the wind’s power. As a turbine engages with the wind, it affects it. One turbine’s extraction of energy from the wind influences the ability of its neighbors to do the same. “Wind is never going to ‘run dry’ as an energy resource, but our ability to harvest it isn’t infinitely scalable either,” Antonini explained.... ... More: Official Press Release Carnegie Science

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