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Wind farm in Fruges becomes reality

OSTWIND is starting constructions of the largest wind farm in France for the time being and will be operating parts of it itself for the first time

Constructions of the "Wind-Project Fruges", consisting of a total of 70 wind energy converters, have started in the municipality Fruges, Department Pas-de-Calais in northern France. With a capacity of 140 MW, this wind farm, developed by OSTWIND international (OI), at the moment is the largest one in France. "150.000 households can be supplied from here with climate friendly electrical power" OI-General Manager Fabien Kayser declared, turning the first spade full of earth in the community of Créquy.

The construction of the wind farm started beginning of November and will be passing 16 construction phases until final completion in 2008. First wind wheels shall be turning in the "Land of the seven valleys" by February 2007. Here involved are plants of type Enercon E70 with 2 MW of installed power each.

The wind farm in Fruges is the second building project for OI after the wind farm St. Clement, Department Ardèche, realized in 2005. Within the OSTWIND Group it is the 36th and largest project of the company history that has been realized until now.

For the first time OSTWIND will be operating parts of the entire project itself. The new established and in France domiciled company OSTWIND production will take over 15 wind energy converters with 30 MW of electrical power at own management.

"We are very happy that the developing efforts of the past years are now carrying fruits" Gisela Wendling-Lenz and Ulrich Lenz, General Management of the OSTWIND Group appreciated the project development in Pas-de-Calais. "This is evidence for the quality of our work and encourages us for the future" they added.

Anyhow the entrepreneurs couple sees an additional potential of 500 MW for OSTWIND international, which is to be realized over the next years. Also OI General Manager Fabien Kayser is convinced of this. "The project in Fruges is our access into new dimensions of renewable energy supply in France" he commented full of confidence.
Christoph Markl-Meider,

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