E-TP, the smart electronic Torque Tester series with the new torsion metrology

The electronic E-TP tester enables a precise and comfortable operation, verifying and calibrating of all clockwise and anti-clockwise torque wrenches in the range of 0.5 – 1000 N•m. The torsion metrology, located in the robust aluminium housing, allows the user a horizontal as well as a vertical torque operation complying with standards (DIN EN ISO 6789).

Its high measuring accuracy of +/- 1% tolerance of reading (+/- 1 Digit), the mechanical overload protection (E-TP 0.5 – 15 N•m) as well as the electronic overload protection of the models from 4 – 1000 N•m guarantee highest safety.

The smart and modular system of the ­E-TP which is made possible by keeping separate the measuring and display instrument persuades and offers the user an ideal measuring environment in any way of operation.

The E-TP is composed of an aluminium housing (measuring instrument) and of a flexible large operating display (display instrument). Herewith you can avoid complicated and impractical measuring operations caused by a bad visibility of the display from a distance which is often the case at a standard torque tester with a fixed display.

The software, especially designed for the E-TP torque tester, offers the user in conjunction with MS Excel the optimum and uncomplicated prerequisite for independent testing administration. This software enables the user to draw up individual test certificates e.g. with a company logo or a simple graph of a test procedure.

Optionally on request: Software can be modified to customer’s approval for mobile and static test benches.

For customer’s individual requirements we have developed three different E-TP sets –Basic (B), PC und High-Line (HL) –.
Richard Abr. Herder KG

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