The largest wind towers from Poland

A breakthrough investment of the Gda?sk Shipyard Group

A key investment of GSG Towers – the Gda?sk Shipyard Group company – is introducing the European leader in the manufacturing of onshore towers and large-scale steel structures into the elite group of companies producing wind towers and steel structures for the offshore wind market. State-of-the-art bending and welding machines, as well as unique system for painting of wind towers and steel structures will double the existing production capacity. These investments allow the development of new large export orders and position the Gda?sk Shipyard Group as the most efficient company in this market sector.

In recent years, GSG Towers has implemented an extensive investment programme of a total worth of 40 million EUR. The completed investment will translate into an increase of the annual production capacity of wind towers to 300 towers of a diameter of 8 m, and the potential to manufacture towers from 120 mm-thick steel sheets with a single section up to 50 m in length.

The onshore and offshore energy markets demonstrate immense demand and growth potential, and as a result of this investment the Gda?sk Shipyard Group will become one of the largest manufacturers of wind towers for this market in Europe. Thanks to state-of-the-art production lines, we will soon achieve the status of the supplier of choice for comprehensive solutions for the offshore wind energy industry”, said Jaros?aw ?asi?ski, the CEO of GSG Towers and Stocznia Gda?sk S.A. "A team of experienced professionals who warrant the professional execution of the most technologically advanced projects has always been a solid foundation and the greatest merit of GSG. This is why the professional development of the employees of the Gda?sk Shipyard Group has been an essential element of the investment programme. Our production crew has been perfecting their professional competence as part of the training conducted at the Academy of Development of the Gda?sk Shipyard Group”, he added.

A breakthrough investment of GSG

  • The investment allows the production of the largest onshore and offshore wind towers

  • Production capacity: 300 towers annually

  • The length of a single section – up to 50 m

  • Bending of sheets of thickness of 120 mm

  • Tower sections weighing up to 200 tonnes

  • Tower diameter increases from 6 to 8 m (!)

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure with a linear production flow system

  • The greatest potential of anti-corrosive surface treatment in Poland

State-of-the-art GSG machinery

Super bending machine a hydraulic, four-roller bending machine is one of the most modern and most efficient machines used to bend thick plates for the onshore and offshore industries. The bending machine allows the bending of plates of thickness of up to 120 mm and 8 m in diameter.

Automatic welding lines state-of-the-art lines allowing the welding of wind towers as well as cylinder and conical elements consist of a set of column and boom welding manipulators and the assembly station. These lines allow the production of elements (sections) up to 8 m in diameter and thickness of up to 120 mm, weighing up to 200 tonnes.

Blasting and painting line state-of-the-art blasting and painting lines of the Gda?sk Shipyard Group is a unique place where wind towers and large-scale steel structures undergo surface treatment. The process of cleaning, blasting, metallization and painting of steel surfaces is supported by modern automatic monitoring and control technologies ensuring the right temperature, humidity, the safety of staff and the natural environment.

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