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Spain: Medina Sidonia receives recognition from AEE for its integration of wind farms

The fifth annual prize was awarded on June 15th in conjunction with Global Wind Day. AEE is an association made up of more than 160 member organizations that represent the wind power industry in Spain.

In the 3000-year-old town of Medina Sidonia, wind farms operate in harmony with the surrounding environment, dotting farmland and grazing grounds. The town, which has been recognized as a Conjunto Histórico-Artístico, or national heritage site, over the centuries has hosted Phoenician, Roman, Byzantine, Moorish and Christian societies. Today it is the home of 11,794 residents.

It’s also home to 74 wind turbines at seven different wind farms, which were strategically placed in order to maintain the scenic views of the countryside. Extra care was also taken to ensure that the construction of the wind turbines did not have any negative impact on architectural ruins in the area.

With its strong wind resource, the Cádiz region is a leader in wind power, and the town of Medina Sidonia is no exception.

At 200 MW, the town has the third-greatest installed wind capacity in Cádiz province and the fifth overall in Spain. EDPR’s prototype of a more efficient concrete wind turbine was built there.

AEE president Juan Diego Díaz highlighted wind power’s ability to generate wealth in the areas where wind farms are installed. Medina Sidonia’s mayor Manuel Fernando Macías agreed, “We’re very proud of our wind power, which helps improve citizens’ quality of life.” For him, a commitment to wind power is a crucial component of his goal of making Medina Sidonia a sustainable city.


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