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Global: API Releases the Omnitrac 2 Wireless Laser Tracker

Automated Precision Inc. has unveiled a revolutionary advancement in laser tracker technology – the world’s first completely wireless, controller-free laser tracker: the Omnitrac 2.

Built on the frame of the API Radian, the Omnitrac 2 offers many of the features of the Radian, which remains API’s premium tracker, including an Autolock camera that can recapture a lost beam and onboard level sensor. The Omnitrac 2 operates using ADM (Absolute Distance Measurement) technology, while the Radian augments that with an interferometer.

“The OT2, as we call it, is a solution that not only addresses accuracy and reliability needs, but also anticipates how our customers work and what their needs are in their environment. We have developed a tracker that we feel understands this approach and makes taking measurements as convenient and fast as possible,” says Dr. Kam Lau, the president and founder of Automated Precision Inc. “With this portability and ease-of-use, we believe the OT2 will bring laser metrology to industries that never considered it before.”

Completely Wireless Operation

In an unprecedented advancement in tracker technology, the Omnitrac 2 operates completely wirelessly. With no external controller, there is no cable needed to connect the tracker to its operating system. The entire system is integrated, with all data capable of being transferred via WiFi. The controller operates up to six hours on a rechargeable battery with an optional AC/DC direct power adapter. This allows the OT2 to take measurements outdoors and in remote areas where there is no easy access to a power supply.

“To put it another way: no cable, no controller, no stress,” says Aaron Sabino, API’s laser tracker product manager.

Portability to Go Where Other Trackers Cannot

Even with an integrated controller, the OT2 body is lighter than most competing trackers. The total system weight, including controllers, is just 24 lbs (10.8 kg). The entire Omnitrac 2 system can be easily transported in a single rolling case or backpack. This portability makes it the ideal measurement tool for many applications in a range of industries. It can be taken into tight spaces where other systems cannot measure due to their size. The Omnitrac 2 is the only wireless tracker for dynamic measurements. Compared to competitor systems, it measures up to 10 times faster. Its rugged design and stable construction fits perfectly to rough environments at industry plants. In addition, the Omnitrac 2 is able to operate in versatile mounting positions: sideways, upside down, underneath or directly on a part. As a smaller, more portable system, the Omnitrac 2 promises to bring the accuracy and reliability of laser metrology to shipyards, construction sites and other new sectors. The Omnitrac 2 sells at a very competitive price, allowing smaller manufacturers and operators to take advantage of its benefits.

Measure Fast, Measure Far

The Omnitrac 2 offers superior dynamic performance and a high data rate that is best in its class. Its quick warm-up time allows it to reach approximately 90 percent of its accuracy within minutes of being turned on. The Omnitrac 2 can measure points up to 100 meters away. Moreover, the ability to operate in a temperature range between -4° to 120° (F), makes outdoor measurements possible virtually anywhere in the world.

“We’re happy to introduce the new laser tracker Omnitrac 2 here at CONTROL 2013, the most important metrology fair, within the most challenging market of the world. We’re proud to present with OT2 as a real cornerstone of innovation,” says Marc Keinert, general manager of API Europe. “This laser tracker unifies many features of former trackers in one system within this price segment. It is smaller, more lightweight and easier to use than all other systems of this kind.”

Automated Precision Inc. today unveiled a revolutionary advancement in laser tracker technology – the world’s first completely wireless, controller-free laser tracker: the Omnitrac 2./...

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