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Germany: 120 m tall self-supported wind measurement tower

A new self-supported wind measurement tower from windhunter allows for high quality wind measurements according to IEC-61400-standard even at cramped sites or under conditions and circumstances where guy wires can’t be used.

Today’s wind measurement usually uses a guyed mast construction which is light weight, easy to install, and requires just a few square meters for anchoring. But from a farmer’s point of view you can’t use farming machines underneath or between the guy wires, so the whole radius of the guy wires can’t be used for agriculture. And in some special cases, e.g. on a narrow mountain ridge, or on an offshore measuring platform, you can’t even set the anchors. That’s why windhunter developed a totally new self-supported wind measurement tower which doesn’t need any guy wires.

The new self-supported tower is available up to 120 m height, which grants wind measurements at typical hub heights of today’s wind turbines. Although the structure needs to be stronger due to the missing guy wires it is still slim enough to keep the influence on the airflow at the sensors as low as possible. This guarantees high quality wind measurement according to IEC 61400-12 and German TR6 standards – even at sites where traditional met masts could not be used, or where you do not want to use them.

Windhunter is well known in the industry for reliability and high quality wind measurement. Having conducted more than 850 wind measurement projects since 1999, they gained a lot of experience and know how about met masts, towers, and wind measurement. With an in-house engineering department they are able to react on the market and customer demands quickly, and develop masts and towers specially designed for the markets and the customers demand.


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