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REYHER is your partner for the BUMAX range

The high-tensile stainless steel fasteners fulfil the highest requirements with respect to quality, corrosion resistance, high strength, fatigue strength and heat resistance.

REYHER is the exclusive partner for Germany for the complete BUMAX range. The range includes the product groups BUMAX 88 and BUMAX 109, on stock and ready for immediate delivery. A various range of other BUMAX materials as special parts are also available.

The combination of high strength and high corrosion resistance is always a challenge for screw fasteners. Up to now steel screws with metallic and non-metallic corrosion protection coatings have been most used because of their high strength. Known as a self-sacrificing corrosion protective coating, they provide adequate protection depending on surrounding conditions. But there are limits to what these coatings can achieve.

The BUMAX range offers fasteners with high strength as well as excellent corrosion protection virtually uncompromisingly linked together. In addition they are suitable for a temperature range from -200°C to +815°C (-328°F to 1499°F).

Typical applications for BUMAX fasteners are the areas offshore, shipbuilding and the chemical industry. Due to the very limited magnetic permeability at >1,01 µ, the BUMAX fasteners are used also in many applications, where this characteristic is necessary.

The product group BUMAX 88 correspond to steel property class 8.8. Screws and nuts with a diameter range of M 6 to M 36 and a minimum length of 3 x d can be used in pressure vessels in line with the Pressure Equipment Directive. The product group BUMAX 109 correspond to steel property class 10.9. They are made of the same material as BUMAX 88, but has higher strength due to a special manufacturing process.


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