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Video Pick of the Week - The EDC Burgos Wind Farm - "A MUST SEE!!!"

An incredible time lapse Video shows the entire construction of the 1500MW EDC Burgos Wind Farm at Ilocos Norte in the Philippines in 3:15 minutes

Video Credit: Energy Development CorporationVideo Credit: Energy Development Corporation

For all those who have ever wondered how much work goes into constructing a wind farm, this video clip credited to TIMELAPSE PHILIPPINES for the Energy Development Corporation (EDC) is a must see. We see turbines onroute, turbine blades blocking up autobahn stops, but never the process in detail. This is due to the sometimes very remote locations these are erected. Now, see in great detail the various steps of onshore wind farm construction.


After the clip a short introduction to the EDC Burgos Wind Farm will be presented.

The EDC Burgos Wind Farm

On 05 November 2014, EDC Burgos Wind Power Corporation (EBWPC), an affiliate of Energy Development Corporation (EDC), informed the Department of Energy (DOE) that its 150 megawatts (MW) Burgos Wind Project had achieved successful commissioning. Under the DOE’s Guidelines for the Selection Process of Renewable Energy Projects Under Feed-In Tariff System and the Award of Certificate for Feed-In Tariff Eligibility, successful commissioning means that the renewable energy project “is now physically connected to the Grid” and is “delivering power to the transmission system.”

The successful commissioning followed the DOE’s nomination of the Project to the Energy Regulatory Commission as an eligible project under the Feed-In Tariff System, Phase 1 (87 MW) and Phase 2 (63 MW) of the Project, all having achieved the requisite 80% electro mechanical completion on 25 September 2014 and 10 October 2014. To date, the Project is the only project that has been nominated by the DOE to the ERC.

The Burgos Wind Project is also the first project intended to be under the Feed-In Tariff System to achieve successful commissioning. It features 50 units of Vestas V90 3 MW wind turbines. Vestas is the world’s number one wind turbine manufacturer. Vestas has already issued commissioning certificates for each of the 50 turbines, which werefurnished to the DOE as vital substantiation of successful commissioning.

Under its guidelines, the DOE, upon verification of the successful commissioning, will issue a Certificate of Endorsement for Feed-In-Tariff Eligibility to the Energy Regulatory Commission.

As demonstration of EDC’s strong commitment to heed the government’s call in the Renewable Energy Act to invest in emerging renewable resources, EDC has invested US$450 Million in the Project and recently closed a US$315 Million financing deal with the support of EKF, Denmark’s export credit agency, and a group of leading international and local banks.

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Energy Development Corporation (EDC)
Trevor Sievert, Online Editorial Journalist / TIMELAPSE PHILIPPINES

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