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Spanish wind power sector launches the “Yes to wind power!” campaign

The Spanish wind sector has recently launched the campaign titled “Say yes to wind power!” to allow the Spanish society to gain a better understanding of the social, environmental and economic benefits of wind power.

Source: General Directorate of Energy (European Commission) and EcofysSource: General Directorate of Energy (European Commission) and Ecofys

Wind power – together with hydro power – is the most competitive source of energy among renewables, as it reduces the import of fossil fuels from abroad (which amounted to 2,600 million euros in 2014), helps decrease the energy dependency and it is more ecological, clean and sustainable, having prevented the emission of 20.4 million tons of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in 2014. Furthermore, wind power contributes with 20% of the electricity that is used by Spaniards; it is indispensable for meeting the European goal of 20% of energy from renewable sources by 2020, can save up to 2.5 euros monthly in the electricity bill of domestic consumers and employs 20,000 people.

With over one thousand wind farms in operation in nearly 800 towns and approximately 200 manufacturing sites in 12 regions, its traction on the economy has become vital.

The cornerstone of the campaign consists of a 2.0 platform (http://www.sialaeolica.com) where citizens can obtain more detailed information about this source of energy. Likewise, citizens may also express their opinions through new content such as reports, videos or research.

Myths undone: wind power in figures

Wind power is NOWADAYS economically competitive. According to the LCOE* criteria (Levelized Cost of Energy), the cheapest energy sources are on-shore wind power and hydropower, as show in the chart. This means that, as of today and in the case of new installations, wind power and hydropower would be more profitable than any other source of energy in our country.

In addition, wind power is the electricity generation technology that employs more people by installed megawatt, based on data from the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA). According to a report by the University of Massachusetts’ Political Economy Research Institute, 13 jobs are created for every one million dollars invested in the wind power sector. In Spain, the sector employs 20,000 people. The Yes to wind power movement will take place in a 360º environment that will include brochures, social media profiles, the aforementioned 2.0 web platform and a video, in order to explain the power of change it carries through the figure of an energy Hipster. You can follow the campaign on Twitter through the profile @sialaeolica, hashtag #sialaeolica.

The project, which is led by the Wind Business Association (AEE) has the support from companies such as EDP Renováveis, Acciona, Bora Wind, Enercon, Ereda, CIRCE Foundation, Gamesa, GDES Wind, Iberdrola, IM Future, Schaeffler Iberia, MS Enertech, Siemens, Spares in Motion, UL-DEWI, Vestas and Zecsa, in addition to other associations such as Aeolican, AEPA and EolicCat.

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*The LCOE (Levelized Cost of Electricity) is used to compare unit costs through the economic lifetime of different technologies, in the absence of the risks associated with the market or technology.


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