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What's New in the Windfair World? - Evolution of Wind Power Over the Years

An interactive infographic showing the cumulative installed wind power capacity per country, continent and the world as a whole between 1997-2014

The team behind Breeze has just released an interactive infographic showing the cumulative installed wind power capacity per country, continent and the world as a whole between 1997-2014. Building 300 GW of capacity in 17 years is an amazing accomplishment for an alternative* energy source and there is more to come! But don't take our word for it, try it out for yourself.

*Alternative energy was the term energy experts used to dismiss renewable energy sources as experimental. Drag the slider bar on the bottom to see the how wind power capacity has changed over time. The area of each circle on the map corresponds to its respective capacity. Hover with the cursor over any circle to see more details. Only countries with more than 50MW of wind power capacity installed as of the end of 2013 are presented on the map. See link to the map below.

A new year has just begun and with that comes some new exciting figures over last year's development in wind energy. Our friends at the Global Wind Energy Council just released wind energy statistics for 2014 and we have of course updated our beloved Evolution of Wind Power map accordingly. It is safe to say that a lot has happened in the last 12 months

A newcomer on the map this year is Peru that went from just 2 MW to 148 MW in 2014, what an achievement.

Uruguay is up from 59 MW last year to a stunning 464 MW as of the end of 2014.

With a 24% increase to 5425 MW Sweden now for the first time has a higher wind power capacity than wind energy veteran and neighbor country Denmark.

Other nations that grew significantly last year was Morocco up 62% to 787 MW, Pakistan up 141% to 256 MW, Turkey up 27% to 3763 MW, Brazil up 71% to 5939 MW and Chile up 153% to 836 MW Largest growth in terms of number of MW last year was, not surprisingly, accounted for by China with a record breaking 23351 MW in one year.

The world leading wind energy nation now has 114 763 MW of wind power capacity installed, far surpassing any other single country. Established and long time players in wind energy such as Spain, Italy and Denmark experienced low or no growth last year. See the interactive Evolution of Wind Power map below.

Edited by Trevor Sievert, Online Editorial Journalist / by Breeze Staff /Fredrik Larsson

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