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Wind energy industry positions itself as a key player in Quebec’s energy strategy

Canada’s wind energy industry members today confirmed their desire to remain an active partner in Quebec’s energy discussion as the Canadian Wind Energy Association’s (CanWEA) 30th Annual Conference concluded at the Palais des congrès in Montréal.

Quebec’s wind energy sector has already generated significant benefits throughout Quebec, particularly eastern Quebec and Montreal. It continues to favorably position itself to serve new markets.
Wind energy can no longer be considered a marginal electricity source. More than ever, wind energy represents significant opportunity for Quebec, and is poised to play a vital role in Quebec’s energy future.
Quebecers must be made aware that any new source of electricity generation is more expensive than heritage sources of supply. The fact is wind farms built in 2014 are cost competitive with all new energy supplies commissioned today in Quebec, including hydropower.
“Even though Quebec is a pioneer in wind energy, there are still considerable challenges in consolidating and ensuring the sustainability of our industry, said Jean-François Nolet, Vice-President – Policy and Government Affairs at CanWEA. “ We need a steady and stable domestic market for the Quebec sector. This is why wind energy must play a significant role in Quebec’s future energy strategy,” he emphasized.
Montreal is the largest wind energy hub in North America
Over the years, Quebec has built an enviable reputation in the North American wind industry. Home to the headquarters of over 10 major companies, the city has become a major hub of the wind energy industry. As such, a good number of wind energy projects constructed in the United States and in Canada were designed at one point or another in Montreal. Symbolic of the vitality of the Quebec wind energy sector, we can now find as much wind energy jobs in Montreal as eastern Quebec.
New markets, new benefits
The wind energy industry is poised take advantage of the new export markets in the coming years. In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the American market, Quebec has vast expertise in wind energy that is sought after in the international market. Exporting parts, knowledge and Quebec intellectual capital along with its products bring back their share of economic benefits and prestige to Quebec.

Ulrike Kucera

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