Eurus Energy: Participation in Two Wind Generation Businesses in Italy

Eurus Energy Group has recently gained a stake in two wind power generation business in Calabria, Italy, owned by Maluni, an Italian wind energy company.

The two projects, IVPC Power 4 and IVPC Power 9, have a total generation capacity of 31.15 MW and started operating in 2008 and 2009 respectively.  Both projects are located approximately 10 km away from the Ionian Sea; at 150 - 400 m above sea level these sites provide favourable wind conditions.

By participating in these projects our total generation capacity in Italy has now reached 200.35 MW.

Our partner, Maluni, is a developer with a great deal of experience in developing more than 1,000 MW of wind farms in Italy.  Maluni and Eurus Energy Group have been jointly operating IVPC wind projects in Campania and Puglia since 1996.

The Italian Government has set a target to source 17% of all energy consumption from renewable energy, within which wind power is expected to account for 12,600 MW.

Supported by such a favourable business environment Eurus Energy Group is aiming to further expand its wind business in Italy.


Overview of the projects

  • Project Company:   IVPC Power 4 Srl

  ?Capacity:   12,750kW  (Vestas 850 kW x 15 units)

  • Project Company:   IVPC Power 9 Srl

     Capacity:   18,400kW (Vestas 850 kW x 4 units, Vestas 3,000kW x 5 units)

  • Location:               Calabria Region, Italy
  • Capital Structure:   Eurus Energy Group    50%

                              Maluni                       50%

  • Power purchaser:   GSE S.p.A
Eurus Energy

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