TEMBRA develops weight-reduced tubular steel towers for wind turbines

With an as easy as ingenious idea, Tembra realizes savings of weight on towers of multimegawatt turbines:

Tower installations like ladders, cable suspensions or platforms usually are mounted on bushes welded to the tower walls. But these welding seams weaken the tower sheets and have a negative impact on the fatigue limit. As a consequence greater material thicknesses have to be applied.

Suspended, braced and glued instead of welded and screwed

By excluding welding seams, thinner wall thicknesses can be achieved. This means less material and lower costs. Mounting of tower installations can be accomplished in two alternative concepts. Either a specific bonding of the components and the tower wall is carried out. Or a vertically suspended and horizontally braced system carries ladder and cables for example. Usually both concepts are combined.

Based on customer requirements, weight-optimized towers for any desired location can be designed.

Cost-effective and lightweight: Renunciation of welded seams on tower sheets leads to a significant reduction of weight.


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