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Windfield simulation with the 3D streaming model FITNAH

Wind field in 100 m height of a project area, with planned WTG sitesWind field in 100 m height of a project area, with planned WTG sites


Founded in 2000 GEO-NET Umweltconsulting is mainly active in the field of wind energy. With more than 1000 projects in more than 35 countries, GEO-NET holds profound long-term and global experience.

GEO-NET's services are accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17025:2005 for wind calculations, energy yield expertise, wind measuring campaigns and proof of reference yields according to EEG.

The calculation of wind conditions for site assessment is conducted exclusively via the accredited process of numerical simulation with the globally applicable meso-scale 3-d flow model FITNAH that is based on 30-year geostrophic wind data. Since 2009, GEO-NET has a subsidiary in Portugal with the main focus on Portugal and South America.

Windfield simulation with the 3D streaming model FITNAH

FITNAH (Flow Over Irregular Terrain With Natural And Anthropogenic Heat Sources) is a three-dimensional non-hydrostatic mesoscale model for the determination of wind fields. It fullfills and outreaches the minimum requirement for mesoscale models determined in the VDI guideline 3783 (1992) and is used for expert opinions.

The meteorological input data is based on the upper wind data of the NCEP/NCAR (National Center Environmental Predictions/National Center for Atmospheric Research). The input data for landuse is based on topographical maps of the project areas. Otherwise, satellite images are analysed (land utilization) and digital elevation models prepared from remote sensing data (SRTM, Spot, Landsat).

Advantages of FITNAH

  • Realistic illustration of the influences of the relief situation and land utilization on the vertical and horizontal development of the wind field, e.g. deceleration of the ground-level wind field in the vicinity of forests, increase of wind speed over mountain ridges, increase of wind gusts over rough surfaces.
  • The wind field simulation can be performed independently to wind measurements and offers therefore a basis for a first estimation of the wind situation in a project area.
  • The calculation of wind fields can be done in every suitable resolution; 25 m grid (highly structured terrain) to 400 m grid (wide plains).
  • Regional climatic phenomena like regional winds (katabatic/anabatic winds, land/sea breezes) can be simulated and integrated in the wind field analysis.
  • A separate wind statistic can be prepared in hub height for each planned wind turbine site.

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Posted by Trevor Sievert, Online Editorial Journalist / Geo-Net Umweltconsulting GmbH Staff

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