MRE World Map: The Offshore renewable energy market in a few clicks

Created by the Marine energy consultancy company Open Ocean, MRE World Map is the first collaborative tool providing free information about marine renewable energy projects worldwide.

Marine renewable energies

Faced with significant climate change observed in recent years, we have witnessed a growing awareness about sustainable development issues. Moving towards new, cleaner solutions for energy production has become a necessity. Driven by economic, ecological and societal favorable context, many marine renewable energy projects are emerging. Marine renewable energies include all the processes to convert the potential energy of the seas and oceans into electricity.

These processes cover:

  • hydrokinetic energy (ocean currents)
  • tidal energy (tidal)
  • wave energy (waves)
  • offshore wind energy (wind)
  • osmotic power (difference in salinity between two bodies of water close to each other).

Because of the activity increase all around the world, it becomes difficult to keep up to date on the progress for each project. By creating the "MRE World Map ", an informative tool dedicated to a professional and a general audience, Open Ocean wishes to promote these marine renewable energy projects and the sector overall.

Many details for each project

Directly accessible on the website www.mreworldmap.com, a global interactive map shows all marine renewable energy projects. Each project is represented by a point that allows to precisely locate it on the map. A simple click on one of these points displays a pop-up window which presents numerous details on the project.

An efficient search tool

Searches are facilitated by filters that allow to quickly identify specific projects, by selecting the type of resource, the technology developer, the technology country of origin, and the development state of the project.

MRE World Map, a collaborative tool

Open Ocean, MRE World Map is the first collaborative tool for the information about marine renewable energy projects worlwide. Open Ocean regularly updates the informations presented on the MRE World Map in collaboration with the project developers This way, this map will quickly become the reference in terms of information over marine renewable energy projects worldwide.

MRE World Map is the most comprehensive and up-to-date tool to track MRE projects worldwide.

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