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Interview with Hilmar Bavinck from BWT Bavinck Wind-Technik GmbH

Mr. Bavinck was kind enough to answer the questions of the Windfair editorial staff.

Windfair: Your company will turn 10 in November. How has your wind business been developing during the last 10 years?

Hilmar Bavinck: In November 2003, I started working as a technical expert. Our business has been flourishing ever since. Presently we survey 250 wind turbines.

Windfair: How many employees does your company have? And how many dedicated to wind energy?

Bavinck: We work with two full-time authorized experts who carry out the assessments. We also have an office worker and a fixed temp.

Windfair: Tell us something about your wind energy products or services. How does your portfolio look like?

Bavinck: We specialize in gear endoscopies using our own endoscopes. But in addition we also cover parts of the mechanical engineering of wind turbines from all manufacturers such as recurring inspections, warranty inspections, etc.

Windfair: Politics – worldwide – give wind energy a hard time at the moment. What do you expect for your company in the future?

Bavinck: As our work relates to existing wind turbines the political development still does not affect our work. I don't understand our politicians though, because first they apparently want to spur the development of renewable energy and with the next step they do everything to ensure that a change into this direction won't happen.

Thanks for the interview.


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