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Flexible project management with intelligent variant management

The new variant management function in the SolutionCenter Version 3.90 reduces engineering efforts for programming and project handling. The modern design of the user interface makes the major development steps clear. A large number of new and helpful functions are provided for working with the M1 controller.

Nowadays plant builders almost always have to make customer-specific adaptions. However these often have an effect on configurations and machine programs. For this it was previously common practice to store a copy of an entire project with all its contents and store customized changes in it. Any adaptions in the original project then have to be transferred manually in all versions. The reason for this is well-known: Engineering tools do not satisfactorily support variant management, and automation projects, configurations and development projects are often rigidly interconnected with each other.


Linking projects simply

With the introduction of the perspective solution, the development projects have been brought together more closely in the SolutionCenter. Easily created links are used to assign subprojects (PLC, C/C++, Safety and VisDesigner projects) to the overall solution. This enables the realistic combination of all the projects and configurations belonging to a particular machine. A project can also be linked with several overall solutions. Helpful functions, such as the indication of all interdependencies, also simplify working with many projects. The size and content of an entire automation project is indicated at a glance, whilst navigation is child's play. In order to simplify central data storage, archiving and working in a team environment, an automation solution with all assigned projects can be stored in its entirety in a version management system or exported and imported in a single step.


Variant management becomes child's play

The key feature in linking projects is the flexible management, structuring and automatic transfer of the latest versions to the assigned overall solution. Genuine links to projects make it possible to maintain changes at just one central location, thus minimizing maintenance effort. In future only one solution is created for a customized variant, and all other projects can then be linked accordingly. The management of uncountable project copies is no longer necessary. Working in a team environment is also made easier: With just a few clicks of the mouse, an entire automation project or the latest changes can be exchanged with all team members.


A strong tool for all purposes

The Bachmann SolutionCenter is an all-in-one package that integrates all tasks throughout the entire automation-solution life cycle. Thanks to the highly modular plug-in concept, the SolutionCenter is easy to expand and can even integrate user-specific supplements and tools. A high degree of investment protection is ensured through the use of international standards in all areas and compatibility with existing project planning. For example, programming can be done according to IEC61131-3, C/C++ and Java; safety-related programming according to IEC61580 and also automatic code generation with Matlab®/Simulink® are supported.


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