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Nawrocki - an enterprise known far beyond the borders of Berlin as a competent partner for projects on exposed sites


High. Safe. Smart. Professional.

Holger Nawrocki created Nawrocki Alpin in 1995. Since then, it has grown into an enterprise known far beyond the borders of Berlin as a competent partner for projects on exposed sites. Construction work on façades and roofs are just as much a part of our services as advertising campaigns and art projects in public areas.

Heaven and Hell

Extremely tall buildings or the deepest abyss. Not every site is accessible by means of heavy machinery such as boom platforms and cranes. Using them is often too expensive, both in time and in money. Our rope-assisted access concepts are an economical alternative. Whether a roof is to be repaired, a glass façade to be cleaned, or complex systems to be installed, our qualified team will advise you professionally, develop solution concepts, and guarantee dependable service by high-altitude workers from all fields: High, safe, smart, professional.

New Energy Sources - Not off the Grid

In Germany, there are about 20.000 wind-powered generators in operation with a power production of more than 21,000 megawatts. The proportion of renewable energy sources in electricity generation is steadily rising and is expected to amount to 12.5% in Germany by the year 2010.

With rope-assisted access techniques, it is possible to reach even the most inaccessible work areas quickly, safely, and inexpensively. Since 1995, our qualified high-altitude workers have been conducting widely varied services onwind energy installations. Regardless of equipment type and work height, we take care of maintenance and service work, assembly and disassembly of measuring devices, and the inspection and documentation of rotor blades. Quickwork, uncomplicated preliminary and follow-up procedures, and minimal disruption of the surroundings are measures which cut costs and are to your benefit. With Nawrocki Alpin, quickly on the go again.

The tripartite division of the following services is based on our varied experience over many years as a service partner for operators of wind energy parks, for manufacturers of wind energy generating equipment, and for other renewable energy companies.

Inspection - No Downtime for Maintenance

Inspection of towers and rotor blades is one component of the conditional maintenance of wind energy generating equipment according to DIN 31051. We inspect, document (photo &/or video), and prepare an assessment for determination of current conditions.

From this, necessary consequences are deduced. By means of a consistent maintenance strategy, operators can maintain the specification conditions of their wind energy systems and ensure their greatest possible availability. Thus, the life of components and system is increased.

We prepare and optimize maintenance plans according to specific conditions in cooperation with the operator, manufacturer, and other service companies. Minimal downtime with Nawrocki Alpin.

Repairs - Quickly Back on the Grid

According to the results of the preceding inspection and the criteria of the catalogue of measures necessary for the restoration of specification condition, repair work is planned and conducted. Work is done quickly and inexpensively with rope-access techniques for smaller damage as well as using mobile self-propelled climbing platforms for more extensive tasks.

Special Projects

The planning, coordination, implementation, and evaluation of challenging installations of various types of construction component systems inside the tower is an aspect of extensive modifications and changes to the system’s configuration. Framework for this was provided by prototype tests for the Research and Development Engineering - Product Acoustics Department of one of the world’s leading energy concerns.

Safety Training on Wind Generators - Courses and Training, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

1. Rope Access and Positioning Techniques (RAT) for Service Technicians on Wind Energy Installations:

We offer regular courses on rope access techniques as well as the corresponding refreshing courses. Training takes place at our training centers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. We also offer you the opportunity of having the training conducted at your own sites on your specific installations to accommodate for their special characteristics. We realize that conditions vary depending on location, weather & type of generator and thus provide practical on-site training to suit the bespoke criteria of your turbines.
2. Safety and Rescue Techniques on Wind Energy Installations

This service offers you realistic training for your service technicians in the theory and practice of safety and rescue techniques required by the trade organization. In collaboration with the customer, we work out an optimal and economic training program which corresponds to the individual characteristics of variously configured wind energy installations. To do so, we train personnel in the use of personal fall protection and rescue equipment (PSA BGR 198 and BGR 199).
3. Selection of References in the Sector of Wind Energy and Renewable Energy Sources
  • Planning service, installation and disassembly of measuring devices on rotor blades, Windpark Wieringer Werf, 2007
  • Rotor blade inspection and documentation, Windpark Prettin in 2006
  • Planning, installation, and disassembly of sensors on rotor blades, tower, and cabin (incl. documentation), WP Wieringer Werf, 2006
  • Planning services, disassembly of structures inside tower, Windpark Dülmen in 2006
  • Assembly of structures inside tower (incl. documentation), Windpark Losheim in 2005
  • Disassembly of streamlining elements on rotor blade incl. documentation, Windpark Salzbergen in 2005
  • Assembly of structures inside tower, Windpark Dülmen in 2004
  • Assembly of sensors on rotor blade, Windpark Salzbergen in 2004
  • Rotor blade inspection and documentation, Windpark Neuenfeld in 2003

If you require further information on this company, please visit its company presentation at w3.windfair.net/nawrocki or contact Trevor Sievert at ts@windfair.net

Posted by Trevor Sievert, Online Editorial Journalist / Nawrocki Alpin Staff

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