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Walter Stauffenberg Wind Energy News: Flame-retardant cable fastening clamps from the construction kit

Secure and orderly installation of vertically running cables in wind energy turbines

Multi-layered Stauff wind energy clamps with triangle-shaped cable openings are used for the secure and orderly vertical installation of up to three power cables. By using additional inserts, they can also be used to fasten only two cables with smaller external diameters.

Stauff wind energy clamps have been exclusively engineered according to the individual requirements in this particular market. They have already become known as a reliable solution which allows power cables to be installed securely, simply and quickly with minimum use of tooling, thus reducing installation time and costs – from the main power connection in the bottom of the tower up to the nacelle itself.

With the growing number of applications ? Stauff wind energy clamps can already be found in thousands of wind energy turbines all over the world ? a modular construction kit system was created which covers many of the geometries (e.g. number and diameters of cables) and materials required by the marketplace.

In order to increase the preventive fire protection in wind energy turbines, Stauff wind energy clamps are usually manufactured from flame-retardant PPV0 thermoplastic material, which has been tested and V0 classified according to UL 94 (Vertical Burning Test). UL 94 is a test method of Underwriters Laboratories for the evaluation and classification of the flammability of plastic materials: A specimen is supported in a vertical position: A flame is applied for ten seconds to the bottom of the specimen and then removed until flaming stops. At this time the flame is re-applied for another ten seconds and then removed again. V0 is the highest classification possible and means that flaming stops within ten seconds on a vertical specimen without dripping of flaming plastic particles.

In addition to the plastic clamp bodies, Stauff also supplies metal hardware (such as threaded bolts, nuts, cover plates and other substructures) in steel or stainless steel. The selection of proper hardware is subject to stringent testing at the Stauff in-house laboratories considering the individual requirements (e.g. the dimensions, the overall weight and the insulation material of the cables in use).

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