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This week: Agreement reached between Hamburg and Husum trade fair companies

Joint industry solution for wind industry fairs in Germany

Rendsburg – The trade fair companies in Hamburg and Husum have worked out an industry solution for organisation of wind energy fairs in Germany. From September 2014 they will jointly hold the leading international wind fair in Hamburg once every two years. From September 2015 they will also jointly hold a national wind industry fair in Husum, taking place in the odd-numbered years. An agreement to this effect was signed in Rendsburg today by the two CEOs, that is Bernd Aufderheide, Hamburg Messe und Congress, and Peter Becker, Messe Husum & Congress.
The two companies made the announcement at a press conference with participation by Hamburg’s Economics Minister Frank Horch, Schleswig-Holstein’s Economics Minister Reinhard Meyer, and Uli Wachholtz, President of UVNord (the Confederation of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein Industry Associations). They affirmed that from now on they will work together for further development of wind energy fairs, as partners with equal rights. “We are delighted at the solution which has now been found,” said Peter Becker and Bernd Aufderheide in the joint declaration. “It ensures that the leading international wind industry fair will remain in North Germany in the long term. We will work together to move it forward and to give the onshore and offshore industries the world’s leading platform, located in Hamburg, a great centre of the wind industry. At the same time, we will continue the long tradition in Husum, focusing the contents on the concerns of the national wind market. This solution makes ideal use of the strengths of the two venues, combining to offer the wind industry exactly what it wants. The experts of the two trade fair companies will contribute their know-how, working together to deliver optimal results.”
This procedure and the mutual agreement are welcomed by government, the professional associations and industry. “Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg will play a vital role in the achievement of success in the energy transition, especially in wind energy,” said Hamburg Economics Minister Frank Horch. “That is why it was so important to get a joint solution here. I am fully satisfied with the result presented today. I would like to thank Uli Wachholtz in particular for his contribution to the agreement. I am confident that this will enable North Germany to achieve even more international recognition as a competence centre for the wind industry.”
Schleswig-Holstein’s Economics Minister Reinhard Meyer described the compromise as a success for North Germany as a trade fair location, due in particular to the broad support by industry. Thus the key players in the market have undertaken to exhibit at both fairs. “This kind of support is a sign of great trust, and that will pay off for the two trade fair companies and for both of these states. Husum and Hamburg are demonstrating joint strength and self-confidence in international competition,” said Reinhard Meyer.
Uli Wachholtz, President of UVNord, said “Today is a good day for the North. I am very pleased that we have reached an agreement. Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein have moved a big step closer together, and remain the centre of the wind industry. The solution which has been agreed here does just what the industry wanted. I would like explicitly to thank Schleswig-Holstein’s Economics Minister Reinhard Meyer and Hamburg’s Economics Minister Frank Horch for their constructive support and keen interest in the discussions. This could be a model for closer cooperation between the two states – and this kind of cooperation is just what industry wants!”
The German Wind Industry Association (BWE) supports the agreement reached between Husum and Hamburg. “We represent about 20,000 members, who are active in different markets and therefore have different expectations for a wind energy trade fair,” said BWE President Sylvia Pilarsky-Grosch. “The joint concept combines the tradition and atmosphere of Husum, which is important for the German market, and the benefits of Hamburg, which are expected by international exhibitors.”
Andreas Nauen, Chairman of the Wind Energy sector at VDMA, said “We welcome the agreement between the fair companies of Husum and Hamburg. It creates the basis to keep the leading international wind industry fair in Germany in the long term, and to expand it further, using the know-how of the two companies. At the same time, the new trade fair concept takes account of the regional requirements of the North German market. We are confident that this cooperation will give a strong basis for the long-term future, with the full support of the wind industry.”
The wind industry is a major economic factor for Schleswig-Holstein. It accounted directly for 6,830 jobs here in 2011, and many local authorities and private individuals benefit directly from community-owned wind farms and local power grids. New space allocation and repowering projects will give Schleswig-Holstein benefits worth about EUR 10 billion in this decade according to estimates by the Global Wind Energy Council. The cooperation with Hamburg and the joint wind fair for the national market to be held in Husum secure significant local value generated by Messe Husum & Congress. “Our company is vital for 35 employees, 100 limited partners and a large number of local companies,” said Peter Becker, “and we feel a sense of responsibility for them. The joint trade fair concept secures the future of our core business for a long time to come.”
Hamburg’s development in the wind industry in recent years has made it the wind capital of Europe. A great many leading wind industry companies now have their head offices or large regional offices in Hamburg. This concentration of specific know-how is well known internationally, and continues to attract more and more new companies that want to participate in this further development of a key industry for the future.
Bernd Aufderheide put it like this: “Hamburg is the ideal venue to ensure a great future for the wind industry fair. Hamburg gives space for the industry to grow. We can make use of synergies as partners, and input the know-how of both trade fair companies for the benefit of the wind industry.”

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