This week: Interview with Dr. Tarik El-Dsoki, CEO of MSC Software GmbH in Germany

Some time ago we presented MSC Software as a new member of Windfair.net. This week we have an interview with the CEO in Germany, Dr. Tarik El-Dsoki.

Windfair: Is the Wind Energy Industry a priority for your company? How so?

Dr. Tarik El-Dsoki: By moving away from nuclear power, the importance of alternative energy, and of course wind energy, is rising. This requires new innovations to provide alternative energy in large quantities. Only with the use of modern software tools it is possible to processing while shortening developing time.

This is the focus of MSC – not only with standard solutions, but with specially tailored to market evolutions. AdWiMo forms the interface between the established software tools and the requirements of the wind industry.”

Windfair: How many dedicated to Wind Energy?

Dr. Tarik El-Dsoki: The developers of AdWiMo are in Germany and the solution has been development in cooperation with the German Industry. Therefore, we can quickly and easily respond to the wishes and needs of the users here on site.

Windfair: Do you have any new or upcoming Wind Energy Products or Services?

Dr. Tarik El-Dsoki: The product in the wind sector is AdWiMo. It is a numerical tool to model wind turbines. With this new solution, users can create both analyzea complete model of the entire wind turbine and individual components. As a result, the entire process will be caped in the certification. This means that the user in addition to the analysis gets a tool, with which he can perform the structured certification. This saves time, effort and costs.

Windfair: Tell us about your future developments. What can we expect in the next year or two?

Dr. Tarik El-Dsoki: Because of the increasing demand for alternative energy, we will continue investing in the industry with new ideas. Through the development of AdWiMo, our engineers can identify the needs of the business and implement immediately. The result is no gap between the customer and the developer. A particularly important point is the certification. In the version of AdWiMo a Load & Analysis Manager (LAM) is integrated, which can automate all the simulations that are required for certification. The user selects with the LAM, according to what guidelines the wind turbine is to be certified. LAM implements these specifications into loading conditions; the turbine model automatically modified according to the particular load situation triggers the simulations and extracted certification relevant results.

Thanks for the interview!

MSC Software

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