Japan - Wind energy capacity to rise 8.2%

Installed capacity of wind power generation at the end of 2011: 2.501 MW, 1,832 units

Japanese Wind Power AssociationJapanese Wind Power Association

The installed capacity of wind power generation in FY 2010 was published on June 17, 2011. JWPA inform you of the installed capacity of wind power generation at the end of December 2011(surveyed by JWPA) and the estimated data for FY 2011(at the end of March, 2012).

Cumulative installed capacity of wind power generation at the end of December, 2011 = 2.501 MW, 1,832 units on 417 wind farms
Installed capacity of wind power generation in 2011 = 166 MW, 78 units on six wind farms: Approximately 60% of the previous years

In 2007, the installed capacity of wind power generation decreased to the level of less than one-half of 2006 due to the influence of the revised Building Standard Law; however, installations have been recovering steadily from that time. Nevertheless, the national goal of 3 MW as the installed capacity for FY 2010 was not, unfortunately, achieved due to the termination of the subsidization program for newly constructed wind farms in consideration of the transition to feed- in- tariff (FIT).

On the other hand, only a few ongoing projects will be granted subsidies, and the estimated cumulative installed capacity for wind power generation will be approximately 2.6 MW in FY 2013. The detailed terms and conditions of s FIT and the mid- to long-term installation goal are matters that must be determined immediately.

The installed capacity in FY 2011 will be announced by New Energy and Technology Development Organization (NEDO) by the end of June. The information from NEDO may differ slightly from the data surveyed by JWPA due to the differences in the recognition of months, e.g., when newly installed wind power generators started operation, and when outdated wind power generators were dismantled.

Click the link below for the graph of installed capacity since FY 2000.

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Japanese Wind Power Association
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