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This week: Interview with David Streit, Head of Sales, ELMEKO GmbH + Co. KG

Windfair: Is the Wind Energy Industry a priority for your company? How so? David Streit: For years, the wind energy industry in general has been an important factor for us.

David Streit, VertriebsleiterDavid Streit, Vertriebsleiter
On the one hand, this is due to the fact that we are placed at the base of the German Westerwald with its many wind turbines and on the other hand we maintain good contacts to different industry players.
We pursue partnerships to large suppliers, work together with engineering offices and we continuously surprise with innovative products which the wind industry needs for the future.
Windfair: How many employees does your company have?
David Streit: We currently employ a staff of 10 people at our new location in Liebenscheid. Due to the expected growth this number will continue to rise.
Windfair: How many dedicated to Wind Energy?
David Streit: It´s not possible to correctly establish that. All the products we produce are used in wind turbines, but we also supply the same products to other industry sectors. From that angle nearly every employee, more or less, works for the wind energy industry.
Windfair: Do you have any new or upcoming Wind Energy Products or Services?
David Streit: Yes. During the fair SPS/IPC/Drives in Nuremberg we will present a few new products. One of our invention for example was directly initiated by the wind energy industry and we performed the development. A few weeks ago this development was successfully completed an the new dehumidifier for enclosures, our PSE 30 is now going into series production. By the way, the PSE 30 is nominated for the Automation Award 2012.
Windfair: Do you have any special training programs for your employees?
David Streit: In order to amend our postgraduated training program we are currently setting up the possibility to complete a vocational training in our company. We expect the first trainee in summer 2013.
Windfair: Are your products certified?

David Streit: Yes. Most of our products are of course UL approved.

Windfair: Tell us about your future developments. What can we expect in the  next year or two?
David Streit: We regard the future development of our company as very positive, especially regarding the wind energy sector. In this field, we generate a relatively high sales.
If we continue to work together with the manufactorers and planners, we´ll also be able to fully exploit the market potencial. The wind power is one big part in the future of the energy industry, and Elmeko, in turn, is one factor in this part.
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