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This week: A Hauff principle: thinking ahead.

In networks, attention always has to be paid to the weakest link when it comes to the performance of a chain.

Herbrechtingen, 17.09.2012. If just one seemingly small or minor component fails, this can potentially put the entire system at risk (e.g. if moisture should enter) and even result in the system failing completely. No one understands this better than the operators of offshore wind power plants. In this context, the issue of ensuring suitable seal dimensions revolves around the decision of whether round or rectangular seals should be used for the openings. First things first, Hauff-Technik can do both. If, however, your project is modelled on finite elements, round holes are the clear winner if you are aiming for uniform stress distribution and consequently to avoid unwanted singularities and associated cavities. Yet, this method often means that the openings are not fully sealed or have to be touched up with additional sealing paste.
The Hauff-Technik approach remains the same for every sealing project, irrespective of how many cables are to be installed and what the specified diameters are. Alongside standard components, Hauff also proposes customised designs which minimise the work required by the user and prevent application errors that can occur in modularised systems.

Hauff solutions: improved through experience.
The hermetic sealing of casings and buildings with concrete, brick or sheet steel walls is the key competence of Hauff-Technik. A broad selection of case studies on wind power plants highlight Hauff's extensive experience over many years in the onshore and offshore wind energy markets. Whether customers are looking to supply individual turbines using medium-voltage cables or need a solution in the form of an extensive stainless steel sleeve for high-voltage shore connection systems, Hauff-Technik can offer them a high-precision and effective design. Far from presenting Hauff-Technik's manufacturing network with logistical challenges, this is all part of its "daily business".
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