GAT – Gesellschaft für Antriebstechnik mbH presents a redundant data transmission system for rotor blade pitch control in wind turbines

Growing transfer rates in wind power plants require increasingly powerful transfer systems capable of handling data volumes in the Gigabit range.

High reliability requirements demand redundant systems to prevent malfunctions and failures of components that are critical for plant operation.

At the HUSUM WindEnergy trade fair, GAT – Gesellschaft für Antriebstechnik mbH from Geisenheim, Germany, presents a redundant data transmission system for blade pitch control. GAT rotary unions and slip rings have ensured for many years that the rotor blades of wind turbines are always correctly adjusted to the wind direction even under rough conditions. In addition to the proven gold/gold transmission technology, we now also offer capacitive and contactless data transmission as well as the option of an optical technology for high-speed data transmission.

The capacitive slip ring ROTOCAP® by GAT enables uni- or bidirectional data transmission up to Gigabit Ethernet rates. ROTOCAP® features a highly robust design and is extremely resistant against external interference. The patented technology allows data transmission at low bit-error rates better than 10-12. Thanks to the modular design of this capacitive slip ring, multiple channels can be used simultaneously and bi-directionally. All standard DC-free protocols such as Ethernet, video signals or fiber channel can be transmitted.

Our fiber-optical rotary union ROTORAY® provides contactless bi-directional high-speed data transfer, offering many benefits such as an extremely robust design and a very low insertion loss insensitive to temperature variations and vibration. It transfers data at up to 30 Gbit/s. A new ultra-precise adjusting process developed by GAT along with our innovative technology for positioning the optical components ensure an impressive optical efficiency, fulfilling the basic prerequisites for contactless bi-directional high-speed data transmission.

These two transmission technologies can be combined with any GAT rotary union or slip ring system. As the world's only manufacturer of rotary unions as well as electric slip rings, we offer reliable solutions for hydraulic as well as electrical blade pitch control systems.

Meeting ultimate requirements in terms of operating reliability and service life, our hydraulic rotary unions of the ROTOSTAT® E-series represent the optimal solution especially for On- and Offshore wind turbines. Their hydraulic blade control requires hydraulic fluid to be transferred through the main shaft into the rotating hydraulic system. The ROTOSTAT® E rotary union comprises a wear-free, hydrostatically controlled radial-groove sealing system that is known for its extreme robustness and very low leakage loss. Rotary unions of this type are finished to ultimate surface quality for maximum service life.

In addition, a slip ring transfers electric current required to control valves, evaluate sensor signals or conduct digital data. Our contacting slip rings of the ROTOFLUX® series are characterized by a modular design. They are based on the gold/gold technology that has proven its value over many years. The pairing of gold spring wire and gold-plated slide contacts ensures very high transfer rates for power, signal and data transmission.

At GAT, any combination of rotary union and slip ring system can be realized. The benefit for the customer is obvious: Our GAT ROTOKOMBI® is a compact and complete system from a single source. Thanks to the quick-exchange system, individual components are easily and quickly replaced. The base module can be extended as required for the individual plant, e.g. for the transfer of grease. Maintenance-free slip ring systems and low-maintenance sealing systems ensure an extraordinary service life.

GAT ROTOKOMBI® units comprising e.g. a hydraulic rotary union, a contacting slip ring and an optical rotary transfer system ensure a reliable and secure transmission. To further provide fail-safe operation of data transmission sections, the corresponding units of the slip ring can be realized as a redundant system. If one system fails, the tasks are immediately taken over by the second system. Using two different types of transfer technology means asymmetric redundancy and hence ultimate reliability. A targeted and sustainable solution to increase plant availability.

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GAT Gesellschaft für Antriebstechnik mbH
Regine Tahmaz

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