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DEHN at HUSUM WindEnergy 2012

DEHN protects wind turbines.DEHN protects wind turbines.
From 18 to 22 September 2012, the company will present numerous new products and applications for the protection of wind turbines at the most important trade fair of the international wind energy sector in Husum (hall 3, booth 3F06). The focus will be on lightning and surge protection. Condition monitoring of surge protective devices (SPDs) and safety equipment for work on electrical installations will round off the trade fair presentation.

In response to the worldwide growing wind energy market, DEHN offers SPDs specifically designed for use in wind turbines. DEHN protects investments in onshore and offshore wind turbines from downtime as a result of lightning currents and surges.

The Neptune circuit is one of the most efficient applications to protect the electrical components of a wind turbine. The prewired complete unit of type NAK SN4563, for example, can be used in conjunction with the Neptune arrester combination to protect the rotor and the inverter of wind turbines. It is integrated in an IP65 enclosure and consists of three DEHNguard DG 1000 FM, a TFS SN1638 isolating spark gap and an EB 1 4 7 SN 1687 earthing clip. The IP 65 degree of protection allows applications in almost all environments. Benefits such as a long service life, high TOV resistance and reliable insulation resistance of the arrester combination are characteristic of this prewired, easy to install unit. In addition, the heavy-duty zinc oxide varistors of DEHNguard ensure a high discharge capacity. The Thermo Dynamic Control arrester monitoring device as well as the operating state indication (optionally available with remote signalling contact) for every protective path ensure the availability of electrical systems. For wind power plants, high resistance to mechanical loads is of vital importance. For this reason, the surge arresters from DEHN were extensively tested and their vibration and shock resistance according to EN 60068-2 was confirmed by the LGA (TÜV Rheinland).

The DEHNrecord DRC MCM XT condition monitoring system allows condition-based maintenance and repair of BLITZDUCTOR® XT surge protective devices. In conjunction with the condition monitoring system, the RFID-based LifeCheck® feature integrated in the BLITZDUCTOR® XT protection modules forms the basis for one of the most efficient arrester monitoring systems on the market. This system permanently monitors the components of the SPDs and even detects pre-damaged arresters. Data is transferred and automatically processed via the condition monitoring system and the associated software. Modern IT and communication technologies allow maintenance staff or operators to continuously monitor all function and safety-related arrester data. LifeCheck® in conjunction with the new DEHNrecord DRC LC M1+ handheld tester for mobile and flexible use facilitate arrester testing on site. During maintenance and repair work, arresters can be tested for pre-damage within a matter of seconds without downtime and removing the module.

DEHN offers helmets with visor and gloves to protect workers exposed to arc faults. Moreover, the company developed a new protective suit with a high wearing comfort for use as part of the personal protective equipment (PPE). Thus, the PPE reduces the risk of injury caused by arc faults whilst working on electrical installations and thus increases safety. Tests in compliance with the relevant standards prove the efficiency of the DEHN suit, helmet with visor and protective gloves in case of an arc fault. The materials of the gloves and suit provide maximum protection (IEC 61482-1-2, class 2).

In addition the company offers engineering and testing services for wind turbine manufacturers and supplying industry such as lightning current tests for bearings and gearboxes of the mechanical power train, high current tests for the receptors and down conductors of rotor blades, system-level immunity tests for important control systems (e.g. pitch systems, wind sensors, aircraft warning lights) or tests for customer-specific connection units. The IEC 61400-24 standard recommends to carry out such tests for important control systems.


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