µ-Sen is an independent and high-performance partner within the wind energy sector

µ-Sen is an independent and high-performance partner within the wind energy sector. The company located in Rudolstadt (County Thuringia) owns its competence to the field of body sound-technical measurements. This technology is being used by µ-Sen company for the proactive equipment health monitoring (Condition Monitoring) at the power train of wind turbines. The distinctive sensor technology know-how is connected with a modular developed diagnostic software, in which apart from all well-known algorithms for signal analysis also the newest techniques were implemented.

The Condition Monitoring System Omega-Guard® is the key product of µ-Sen. Since the beginning of 2001 this system was tested in numerous wind turbines of different types by various manufacturers and is thus suitable for the producer-independent re-fitting of all WPP-types as well as for the installation in the new wind turbines. For these tasks apart from the autarkical system Omega-Guard® for the top hat rail mounting in existing switchgear housings is also available. The successful diagnostic of different damages at the power train of wind turbines underlines the suitability of this system for early damage detection. Therewith, Omega-Guard® is used to avoide unexpected damages as well as machine downtimes and potential high costs being caused by consequential damages (drive shafts, generators, gear boxes, bearings).

The realization of approved and latest diagnostic algorithms as well as their implementation into a modern fail-safe industrial hardware conception has formed the base for the approval by AZT (Alliance Centre for Technology).

(Novelty) The distinctive sensor technology know-how of µ-Sen yielded to the development of µ-Bridge. µ-Bridge is a body sound sensor which in comparison to conventional acceleration sensors operates in the low-frequency range. Therefore, it can be used in an outstanding manner for direct diagnostic of low rotating power train components (for example planetary stage of the gear box and main bearing).

Omega-Guard® with its modular hardware conception and its open data structure offers manifold extensibilities and integration opportunities. With this context there should be pointed out following opportunities:
  • (Novelty) Wing Monitoring and – diagnosis
  • Structure Monitoring (tower, lattice tower)
  • (Novelty) Incorporating maintenance by permanent lubricating

Further monitoring tasks having specific importance for the technical operation mode (for example parameter coupling of various temperatures and operational pressures)
can be freely defined by the System Omega-Guard®, including automated notification.
Data transmission can be realized optionally by SMS, email and Internet communication.

(Novelty) Furthermore the open data conception enables the simple connection to already existing database conceptions. Thus, the integration into an equipment operating software independent from the manufacturer of the wind turbine can be realized.

The performance manifoldness of µ-Sen GmbH will be accomplished and supplemented by various service activities. Besides of training and instructions for customer staff on site the delivery of independent certificates and expert opinions is included as well.

Since July 2003 µ-Sen offers to experienced users an extremely small and lightweight mobile data logging system Omega-Expert®, too. This diagnostic equipment permits the realisation of the producer-independent body sound-technical measurements at the power train of wind turbines, as they are needed for the warranty discharge and/or for the fulfilment of insurance requirements.

Furthermore, we would like to invite you to visit our stand at the International Trade Fair HUSUMwind 2005 ( September 20-24, 2005, Husum). You will find us in exhibition hall 3.
µ-Sen GmbH

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