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Windparkservice - the name is the service:
With currently 65 qualified employees and state-of-the-art technical equipment we have been ensuring with our services since 1999 that the rotors turn and can produce the most important raw material of the industrial age: electricity.

We service wind power plants of all designs and performance categories all over Europe. Although we concentrate on the technical aspects we also take into account ecological and social contexts. We are proud to participate in the development of a significant next generation technology and see it as our duty to contribute to its acceptance and wider distribution.

The cost-effectiveness of energy generation must also be guaranteed with regenerative sources. Therefore we have developed efficient processes and special equipment with whose help certain service routines can be carried out even more efficiently and cost-effectively. This is not just of benefit to our customers but also for nature which so generously makes her resources available to us.

A success story - in short:
Wind power has been used by people since ancient times to generate energy. Then coal, oil and gas came. Now, as fossil resources are nearing their end, we are looking back again to regenerative sources - and thanks to new technology using them with an efficiency which was unimaginable before.

Within the framework of this modern development we can classify ourselves as old hands in terms of wind power. Here are a few milestones in our still recent company history:

Foundation of Windparkservice GmbH in Neubrandenburg. In the early years, business activities focussed on the acquisition, planning and marketing of locations for wind power plants.

Business activity is extended to the area of maintenance and service of wind energy plants. 5 service technicians are appointed.

Foundation of Windparkservice Oil-Mobil GmbH in Neubrandenburg.
Business focus is the changing of oil in wind power plants. A special vehicle is developed which can carry out the oil change in wind power plants much more efficiently than usual. The number of employees increases to 10.

Successful launch of the first oil change truck. Number of employees is 19.

Windparkservice GmbH receives the SCC certification by Employer’s Liability Insurance Association.
Successful appearance at the trade fair HUSUM WindEnergy. Launch of the second oil change truck. Number of employees rises to 30.

Building and launch of our own new plant in Neubrandenburg, which consists of several buildings and an oil separator facility. Introduction of the quality management system according to DIN ISO 9001. Successful involvement of Windparkservice GmbH in HUSUM WindEnergy again. The company employs 45 staff.

Windparkservice GmbH presents itself as part of the international “Wind” leading trade fair for the first time at the HANNOVER MESSE. The number of employees rises to 65 (Status: May 2009).

Start of project "Offshore Service Engineering". Commissioning of a further oil change HGV. Certification of Wind Park Service Oil-Mobil GmbH as a specialist disposal company. Certification of the safety at work management system of the Wind Park Service Group in accordance with SCC**

The future is in the air:
With sun, wind and water you used to first think of holidays. In times of dwindling resources though these terms are being increasingly associated with energy generation. Wind power in particular is making an important and constantly growing contribution to energy supply.

Some facts:
- At the end of 2008 about 20,000 wind power plants with an installed total power of about 23 gigawatts existed in Germany.
- At peak times more wind current is supplied to the grid than by the total of all nuclear power plants.
- A wind power plant already produces more energy after 2 to 6 months than was consumed to manufacture and build it.

Benefits of wind energy:
- There will always be wind as a result of climatic conditions on earth and therefore it is an inexhaustible energy source.
- The global availability of wind energy increases political and economic independence from fossil raw materials.
- Operating a wind power plant causes no CO² emissions and is thus climate-friendly.
- The development, production and maintenance of wind power plants create many jobs (currently in Germany about 90,000).

As a disadvantage some people see the view of the countryside as being spoilt by the “wind turbines”. Ultimately though it is a matter of taste and does not outweigh the enormous advantages of wind energy by a long way.

We are proud anyway to have participated in the development of such a significant next generation technology and see it as our duty to contribute to its acceptance and wider distribution.

Street: Am Kamp 12
ZIP / Town: D-17034 Neubrandenburg
Tel.: +49 (0)395 / 369451 - 0
Fax: +49 (0)395 / 369451 - 10

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Posted by Trevor Sievert, Online Editorial Journalist / Windparkservice Staff
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