Commercial launch of the 5KW small wind turbine TARRAGÓ

Around 10 days ago the commissioning of the first commercial small wind turbine TARRAGÓ has taken place in Montblanc. The new wind technology with a traditional image suits perfectly to the UNESCO-medieval wall of the 6000-inhabitants city. The nominal power capacity of the turbine is of 5 KW. It is characterized for the large number of blades: 64 and early starting point of functioning at a wind speed of 2,5 m/seg (80 rpm), which makes the small turbine highly suitable for remote areas with braises.

The testing phase has been carried out with several turbine types and different locations during last years. This model has been jointly developed with a large company based in Barcelona and very well-known for its energy efficiency devises offered around the world.

At the age of 14 years, Josep Tarragó already produced his first small wind turbine for the own-consumption with a dynamo of a bicycle and his grand-pa present: a second hand grid tower. Twenty years later, in 1982, the company TARRAGÓ – at that time with the main focus to produce small wind turbines for isolated network systems – was founded. Due to the strong demand of windmills to pump water, TARRAGÓ, invested further on the multi-blade windmill to reach a less personal-cost-intensive production.

Parallel to the commercialization of the wind pumps, further I+D has been realized in the small wind turbine. The results can be visited in Montblanc.
Molins de Vent TARRAGÓ
Rosa Tarragó

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