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Heavy plates for offshore towers must withstand gigantic wind forces. That is why the 2 leading heavy plate producers trust in Edge Milling Technology supplied by LINSINGER.

Steyrermühl, 12.04.2012.
Fast Growing Sector
The offshore wind energy sector is growing fast: In 2010 nearly 308 offshore wind energy parks were commissioned in Europe alone. An increase of 51% over the previous year. Offshore wind parks require heavier duty materials and technologies than their land based counterparts. Steel plates and structures must be heavier and more robust to withstand the marine environment.

The major steel mills Dillinger Huette and Ilsenburger Grobblech, subsidiary of Salzgitter AG, are the most important suppliers of edge milled plates for the leading wind energy park producers. Both steel mills rely on LINSINGER Plate Edge Milling Technology for plates used in wind towers and their foundations.

World's Largest Machine
The LINSINGER Plate Edge Milling machine at Dillinger Huette is the largest plate edge milling machine of its type in the world. This machine mills plates up to a thickness of 120 mm, length from 4 m up to 25 m and width from 1.35 m up to 5 m width, with weight up to 45 tons.

Highly Versatile Plate Production
In addition to rectangular plates, LINSINGER Plate Edge Milling Machines can also mill the edge profiles on trapezoidal and tapered plates. These are required for the tapered geometry of wind tower structures. Plate edges for plate thickness reductions (taper edges) can also be milled. The plates are pulled through the 2 cutting stations on each side of the machine. The cutter heads are equipped with special carbide tips that harmlessly dissipate any thermal impact. The machine is designed for short processing times and efficient plate handling starting from start to finish.

Highest Quality & Lowest Running Cost
All 4 plate edges are milled using only 2 milling units. One of the milling units is rotated ±90° to cross-mill the leading and trailing plate edges. Both longitudinal sides are processed simultaneously at a maximum milling speed of 10 m/min. This increased capacity significantly reduces the overall running cost. The plates are positioned automatically according to higher level data input, then clamped hydraulically with tongs and fixed by additional vacuum plates (This special plate clamping system allows free overhead crane access to the plate). Highly accurate drives on over 40 axes and the CNC control system are further elements guaranteeing plates with highest precision and most exact tolerances. The sandwich design of the cutter head rings allow plate producers to mill highly flexible plate edge profiles with minimal tooling costs, even for low quantity batches as low as 1 plate. As recently emphasized by LINSINGER CEO Hans Knoll: “Not many other machines can do all these things at this speed and precision”.

Being Prepared for the Growth Market
Plate suppliers to the fast growing offshore sector of the wind tower market are well equipped with LINSINGER Plate Edge Milling Machines. The versatility of LINSINGER Plate Edge Milling Machines offer producers a secure investment for speedily satisfying new demands in growth market sectors.
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