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DEHN protects -Photovoltaic generators and inverters even in case of direct lightning impulse currents by means of the new DEHNlimit PV 1000 V2 combined arrester. A high lightning current discharge capacity and the d.c. extinction of the spark gap are unique features of the DEHNlimit PV 1000 V2 arrester. Multiple terminals allow to protect several strings by means of a single device. Connection to local equipotential bonding and the earth-termination system is equally simple. The clamping range is optimised for the conductor cross-sections commonly used in photovoltaic applications.The device features a leakage-current-free operating state/fault indication.

Modern switchgear installations by means of the new DEHNvenCI combined arrester with integrated backup fuse. This extremely space-saving arrester provides maximum system protection. The characteristics of the practice-proven DEHNventil family were combined with a lightning-current-carrying arrester backup fuse in an enclosure with a width of only two modules. This arrester does not only allow space-saving integration of a combined arrester, but also meets the protection requirements in modern switchgear installations. The integrated arrester backup fuse is dimensioned to ensure maximum discharge capacity and optimal system protection.

By means of the new DEHNsecure arresters the spark gap of which is ideally suited for use in d.c. circuits. With this new arrester series, a consistent lightning protection zones concept including the cross-boundary d.c. lines can now be implemented. DEHNsecure M 1 60 (FM) and DEHNsecure M 2P 60 (FM), for example, were specifically developed for Remote Radio Head (RRH) applications. DEHNsecure M 1 242 (FM) can also be used for safety lighting systems. In this case, the relevant consumers are supplied with a.c. voltage during normal operation and with battery-operated d.c. voltage during emergency operation. As overvoltages may occur during both operating states, DEHNsecure M 1 242 is both suited for direct and alternating currents (backup fuse max. 10 AgL/gG).

By means of DEHNbox, a ready-to-mount lightning current and surge arrester for information and automation systems. Its actiVsense® technology allows the arrester to be used for nominal voltages ranging from 0 to 180 V. DEHNbox automatically detects the currently applied voltage and optimally adapts the voltage protection level to it. Overvoltages are limited to an acceptable level without interfering with the data signal. The compact arrester can be easily retrofitted any time, thus ensuring lightning and surge protection in existing installations. The IP 65 degree of protection allows the arresters to be used in almost all environments. Thus, DEHNbox is ideally suited for use in information technology transmission systems as well as in domestic and industrial environments.

The market leader DEHN, a globally active family-owned electrotechnical company,offers innovative products and solutions in the field of surge protection, lightning protection and safety equipment. DEHN focuses on future-oriented protection of, for example, photovoltaic systems, wind turbines, biogas plants, transportation systems and process plants. The company's continuous growth is based on more than 100 years of tradition and experience as well as high quality demands and consistent customer and market orientation throughout the world. Visit us on the Light + Building trade fair in Frankfurt, hall 8-0 / stand D 90 from 15.04.2012 to 20.04.2012 auf and on the Hanover trade fair, hall 13 / stand C 80 from 23.04.2012 to 27.04.2012. We are looking forward to seeing you.
For more detailed information, please visit www.dehn.de.
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