WWEC 2004 opened today

World Wind Energy Award 2004 goes to German Minister for the Environment Jürgen Trittin and German Parliamentarian Hermann Scheer

Beijing/Bonn (WWEA) – Key persons in the worldwide dissemination of wind energy utilisation have received the award today during the 3rd World Wind Energy Conference in Beijing/China (WWEC). The WWEC has been opened today by Counselor of the State Council of China, Mr Shi Dunghuan. More than 500 WWEC delegates from 43 countries all over the world are attending the conference and exhibition.

On the occasion of the 3rd World Wind Energy Conference, the World Wind Energy Award has been given today to German Environmental Minister Jürgen Trittin and Parliamentarian Hermann Scheer. With the awarding, WWEA recognises the key role and the personal contributions of the two politicians to making Germany the leading wind country in the world.
Since the year 1998, Germany has become number one in wind power with a currently installed total capacity of almost 16.000 MW covering today 6,2 % of the country’s overall electricity consumption. This success story has been mainly based on the drafting, amendment and implementation of the Renewable Energy Law EEG which Scheer and Trittin have strongly advocated in their respective position.

Germany has also set up very ambitious renewable energy targets like 50 % share of electricity from renewable energy in the year 2050. The personal commitment of the two politicians has been an indispensable contribution to the German priority strategy for renewable energy. Both politicians have also been involved in the European Union’s directive for renewable energies which provided the conditions for a substantial increase of renewable energies in further European countries. Germany, motivated by its leading position, also hosted the very successful International Conference for Renewable Energies Renewables 2004 which was the biggest renewable energy event ever held.

Mr Jürgen Trittin became German Minister for the Environment, Nature Protection and Nuclear Safety in 1998. From the beginning of his term, Mr Trittin supported strongly the successful German renewable energy development. After the national elections in 2002, the ministry took over the full responsibility for renewable energies and hosted the International Conference for Renewable Energies, Renewables 2004. The ministry under the leadership of Jürgen Trittin has become the leading governmental advocate for the implementation of renewable energies.

Dr. Hermann Scheer has been a member of the German Parliament since 1980. In 1988, he established as founding president the European Association for Renewable Energies EUROSOLAR and in 2001 he became General Chairman of the World Council for Renewable Energy. In the German Parliament and beyond, Hermann Scheer is the leading parliamentarian advocate for renewable energy. Dr. Scheer contributed to mobilising the majority amongst his own party, but also amongst the Parliament as a whole and in society in general.

The World Wind Energy Award has been given to Trittin and Scheer in order to honour the two leading persons in Germany, in order to encourage them to continue their very successful work and in order to encourage further political decisionmakers around the world to follow this example.

The World Wind Energy Award is a honorary price and persons with unique merits for the worldwide proliferation of wind energy are awarded once per year. Prof. Dr. Amin Mobarak, Chairman of the Industry and Energy Committee of the Egyptian Parliament, received the first World Wind Energy Award in 2002 for his outstanding achievements in making Egypt the leading wind energy country on the African continent. The World Wind Energy Award 2003 went to the Indian wind turbine manufacturer Suzlon under the leadership of Mr Tulsi R. Tanti for the very successful contributions to establish a strong domestic wind industry in India.
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