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Worldwide arc fault accidents are the predominant cause for accidents during work on electrical installations. Severe injury and death are the possible tragic consequences. The hand and head region is particularly at risk of being burnt by arc faults. For

Protection against electric shock is ensured during work on electrical installations by complying with the five safety rules or also during hot stick working. If, however, in particular the five safety rules are not observed or work materials which are not permissible in switchgear installations are used, the formation of an arc fault cannot be completely ruled out. If in this case the installer does not wear adequate protective equipment or does not wear protective equipment at all, severe injuries are inevitable. The resulting risk of damage to persons is mainly due to the thermal effects (incident energy), but also to the radiation, pressure formation and toxic effects.

During live working and working in the vicinity of live parts, high-quality protective clothing must be worn. This minimises the risk of injury in case of an arc fault and prevents severe burns. Protective clothing will only provide protection if it is suited for the work performed and used at all times. Personal protective equipment basically consists of a helmet and gloves.

DEHN + SÖHNE has now developed a new arc-fault-tested safety helmet with visor and arc-fault-tested gloves as a part of the personal protective equipment. These reduce the risk of injury due to an arc fault during work on electrical installations thus increasing the safety of workers and also stand out due to their high wearing comfort. Tests carried out according to standardised tests prove the efficiency of the protection of the helmet and the protective gloves from DEHN + SÖHNE in case of an arc fault. All safety devices and equipment from DEHN + SÖHNE are manufactured and tested in compliance with applicable standards. DEHN + SÖHNE is your reliable partner for maintenance tests on voltage detectors, switching sticks, fuse tongs, insulating sticks and earthing sticks.
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